Make Eat Get Read Go – February 2018

February has been a cold month that’s sped by. The kitchen is finally finished (more on that on another blog post) and we’re getting back in the cooking game.

Make – Sourdough

Bob the sourdough

While the kitchen was being refurbed Bob the Sourdough Starter had a spell of hibernation in the fridge for a while. A couple of weeks ago I resurrected him then managed to produce possibly the worst bread I’ve made and the loaf went straight in the bin.

Speed on a week and another attempt. This time having patience and this time I have two delicious edible loaves of sourdough. I never thought taking two month of baking bread would be so tricky. I need to work on my shaping, but hurrah for edible homemade bread and perfect timing for Real Bread Week.

Eat – Cygneture Sundae at The Swan at Walton

We always try and make sure we get out for walk one day during the weekend. Often with a picnic packed up, but with the kitchen being out of action and the weather being not so favourable we’ve often ended up in a pub for Sunday Lunch.

The Swan at Walton is the sister pub of one of our favourite pubs, The Bulls Head in Repton. We last visited a couple of years ago when it had not long been taken over and there were teething problems. This time we rocked up on a cold winters lunchtime (we’d lasted a mere 30 minutes in the bracing weather) and had no problem getting a table. As well as tasty pizzas they also do rather good sundaes. Jack Frost (a mint choc sundae) is usually our go to to share, but this time decided to try the Cygneture Sundae. Definitely one for sharing and the three of us didn’t finish it.

Get – Mini Bakers Club by BKD

It was raining, it was the first day of half term and there was a sparkly new kitchen ready to be cooked in.
For the last couple of month she’s been asking to bake something but with the kitchen being a building site it hasn’t been possible so BKD offering to send LB a Mini Bakers Club by BKD box was perfectly timed.

We do use the occasional baking mix . One of my signature dishes as a child was a Betty Crocker Cheesecake that came in a box. We all have to start somewhere.

Any regular reader will know I’m a big supporter of getting kids in the kitchen and spent 5 years teaching cookery in schools and running after school clubs. These Mini Bakers Club by BKD boxes remind me of the things I used to do with my pupils. Not only are there recipes and ingredients in the box but also some related craft and STEAM activities. Just up our street.

The theme for February’s box was Love is all Around. Along with homemade jammy dodgers, we played a ladybird game, finished a drawing puzzle and made some cupcake case flowers. The boxes are aimed at age 3+ and it kept us occupied for a good 2-3 hours.

I have a few subscriptions that I buy for myself, but have never looked at a children’s subscription box. We enjoyed this box so much I’m tempted to buy future boxes and baking subscriptions as gifts for friends and their little ones.

Read – My cookbook collection

The big house sort out continues and the next on my list was my bookshelf of cookbooks. After a huge purge of cookbooks (the local charity bookshop is now well stocked up), I decided to reorganise the main cookbook bookshelf in colour order. It’s rather therapeutic. I’m a very visual person and find it easier to find cookbooks now.

Go – BBC Radio Derby

Until I had LB I was a regular guest on BBC Radio Derby, in fact if it wasn’t for BBC Radio Derby I wouldn’t be doing my job that I do now.

I was back in the studio mid-February with LB in tow talking about frugal cooking and how to make ingredients go further. The presenter was doing a challenge where he would live on £10 a week. I went along the lines of porridge for breakfast, homemade soup for lunch then bulking out on pulses for dinner as well as praising eggs as a cheap, protein source. LB didn’t fancy chatting away on air. I’ve never known her be so quiet.

March is a quiet month work wise, but we will be heading back to the Big Smoke, this time with LB in tow, for our latest foodie escapades.

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