Make Eat Get Read Go – January 2018

new kitchen at Butcher Baker Baby

It’s been a tricky one to write this month as one thing has dominated everything – the last minute decision to take advantage of the January sales and sort a new kitchen. What started as just replacing the cupboard doors kind of snowballed…

Make – A mess

When we moved into our house 5 years ago the light, bright kitchen was one of the features that sold it to us. Half a decade down the line we began to realise that the kitchen was a cheap fix up job. Rubbish tiles on the floor, often missing grout; laminate coming away from the kitchen cupboard doors; wonky worktops.

With a bit of money left from a house improvement project last year we decided take advantage of sales and redo the kitchen as a DIY project. As it has 3 external walls it’s a cold room in winter so it had to have underfloor heating. (Highly recommend Warmup from Topps Tiles). We’ve also regrouted the wall tiles, pulled out cleaned/replaced the old units and will finish it this weekend with new worktop and doors.

Oh the powdery, plastery mess. I won’t miss my house being covered layer of dust or not having enough workspace to prep a meal properly. I’m just trying to remind myself it’ll all be worth it.

Eat – Pizza at The Bulls Head

When your kitchen is covered in plaster dust and the contents are now stuffed in the dining room the urge to cook at home disappears. A trip to Bulls Head in Repton it is. They may have stopped doing their great Sunday roasts, but they still do fabulous pizzas and gelato.

Get – get organised with The Organised Mum

I like to think I’m pretty organised. I do love a good weekly meal plan and I have a schedule for clothes washing (my younger self will have been appalled at that sentence) but housework has never been my favourite job. It’s tedious and never-ending. I discovered The Organised Mum Method on a Facebook group I’m a member of. We’re a week in and so far it seems to be working.

I think the sudden urge to like housework has been born from the chaos in the kitchen/dining room. Keeping the rest of the house in check gives me some sense of control.

Read See – The Greatest Showman

It’s very rare my husband & I go to the cinema. I love musicals and films that make you smile without being particularly taxing. Musicals are Hub’s idea of cinematic hell. How he agreed to go to the cinema to see The Greatest Showman is anyone’s guess (may be the man-crush he has on Hugh Jackman) but it was a nice child-free night out watching a feel good movie with catchy songs. Not my favourite film musical but in the top 10.

Go – Hot Yoga

If you don’t know what hot yoga is it’s a slow paced yoga class in a very hot and sweaty room. Think 40°c hot. The yoga studio I go to has recently started them and I decided to give them a try. There is a reason why they tell you to bring a towel with you. It’s unlike any other fitness class I’ve been to. After a few classes I’ve decided I much prefer ashtanga or hatha to hot yoga, it’s just too slow for me but may try it again in a few months time.

In february I hope to revive Bob the sourdough starter and get cooking in my lovely new kitchen.

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