Make Eat Get Read Go – December ’16

December was certainly filled with festive fun. This is really the first year that LB has begun to understand Christmas. There have been santa grotto visits, LB’s first nativity (as an innkeeper), Christmas dinners with her pre-school friends and something rather unusual for this time of year – snow!

Make – glittery peppermint playdoh snowmen

Glittery peppermint playdoh snowmen

This December happened to be the first time LB had experienced snow, proper snow. Before now it’s been sleety showers that have melted as quick as they settled. Although we were away when the first dump of snow hit we got home in good time for LB to build her first snowman complete with carrot nose and coal eyes.

As we soon discovered, 3 year olds get rather upset when their snowman melts. This calls for sparkly peppermint playdough for making snowmen that don’t melt.  Making playdouh is simple and uses ingredients I have around the house. I use the recipe on My Girls Make Instagram page. Perfect for using up the edible glitter I can no longer use in cakes.

Eat – fish & chips from English Indian

English Indian Lichfield

There is something about eating fish and chips outside, straight from the paper. Certainly warming on a bracing winter day. While Christmas shopping in Lichfield we came across streetfood trader The English Indian. They do their own twist on traditional English fish and chips.

This chat masala seasoned chips, madras chip shop curry sauce, fresh mint & chilli garden mushy peas, dressed with lime, coriander & red onion all served with either pakora battered fish or pakora battered halloumi. I couldn’t pick between the two so went for half and half. Piggy but totally delicious. LB enjoyed tucking in to it too.

I’ll be looking out for them again at local food festivals.

Get – So Satsuma hat

So Satsuma chunky knit slouch hat

Being freelance and a mum means I can be thoroughly rubbish at spending money on myself. At the beginning of 2017 I decided that every month I’d set aside a small amount to spend on myself. No bills, nothing boring, not to be or to share with anyone else it had to be a treat just for me.

December was the turn of a So Satsuma hat. I’ve been wanting one for a while and it certainly hasn’t disappointed. My super chunky seed hat has proved to be invaluable during chilly, snowy pre-school runs.

Read Watch – The Sweet Makers At Christmas

The Sweet Makers at Christmas

I loved watching The Sweet Makers earlier in the year so was pleased to see it was back for Christmas. I’d go as far to say it was the best festive foodie programme out there this year. Forget Nigella & Jamie, historical confectionery is where it’s at.

One of the experts on the show is my favourite chocolatiers Paul A Young and I’m getting an increased love for food historian Dr Annie Gray.

If you’re quick you can still catch it on iPlayer. 

Go – Love Actually in Concert

Love Actually in Concert Liverpool

Christmas isn’t Christmas without watching Love Actually. You forget this movie is 15 years old until you see the ancient Nokias used.

During December the film was screened in various concert venues with a live orchestra. I went to see it in Liverpool Philharmonic with Hubs and my siblings. It was great night and with the orchestra playing live in front of you it certainly brought the film to life. In a way it made certain scenes more emotional.

January is all about getting in to the swing of day to day life again along with fitting our new kitchen. A rather last minute new year DIY project.

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