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This blog started life in 2007. We’d not long moved into our first house together a short drive from Derby, UK and still had the diet of our student days. Our tiny cottage kitchen meant we had to teach ourselves to how to cook food from scratch. No more freezer and ready meals to rely on. The blog was our way of documenting our recipes and life in the cottage.

One house move and a baby later the blog has evolved to include our attempts at gardening, holidays, lifestyle and life with a little one in tow; usually served with a big slab of cake. We’re lovers of simple things in life.

The Baker (Jules) – Me, the main author of the blog. I’m lucky enough to teach about, talk about and work with food for a living.

The Butcher (Hubs) – An engineer who always loves a challenge. Be it fixing the oven or working out how to build a Tandoor Oven from random objects. Also Chief Gardener. Hugh F-W/Dick Strawbridge/Ray Mears worshipper.

Little Baker (LB or L) – Our daughter born summer 2014. She already has an impressive foodie history and loves nothing more than being in the kitchen.

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26 thoughts on “About”

  • I can’t believe I’ve never “found” you before – your birdseed cake recipe is just what I’ve been looking for (actually without looking – I knew I could make it but didn’t know where to look)… Will check in with you daily, as I would with a good friend!

    • Hi Jen,

      I use a Canon 400D then use Coral Painter Essentials for a tiny bit of photo editing (really just cropping and brightning colour). Hubs got me a tripod for Christmas so hopefully pics won’t be as wobbly now and I can take better photos in low light conditions.

      Loving your new site!

  • Just wanted to say that I have made your Baileys Cheesecake so many times I have lost count. I have recently moved from Berkshire to Derbyshire and every time I have a visitor they say “Are you making your Baileys cheesecake?” So this comment is by way of a thank you and to say how impressed I am with your new site.

    Think I will try a few more of your recipes as if its anything like the chesecake I am sure it wil go down a storm.
    Keep blogging and I will keep reading.


    • Hi Karen, many thanks for your kind comment. Baileys Cheesecake is probably one of my most requested desserts. Glad it works so well for you.

  • Thanks so much for your kind comments on my photos. I’m glad you did, as I’ve come to check out your blog and love it! Will be following from now on.

  • Love you guys! Drive past your little piece of heaven everyday on way to work and always wave and smile! :)

  • Wow, just found your blog! This is brilliant! Nice to finally find some local blogs! (I like in Nottinghamshire!)

    Will be keeping an eye on this!


  • What a smashing blog. I have been dipping in now and then. The photos are great. Drooling on my keyboard now so have go for nibbles.

  • Hello, I found your blog when searching for recipes for courgette cake, which I made, and it is totally delicious. Your photos are lovely too. Nice to find good local blogs; we’re not far in Burton On Trent, check out our gardening blog! I’m going to put you down as one of our gardening/food sites we like, is that ok?


    Harriet x

    • Hi Harriet, we know Burton well. We’re both fans of the Burton Bridge Brewery. Hubs for the beer, me for the fruit wine! I’m glad to hear you liked the courgette cake.

  • I hope the smoking goes well! Great blog you have here.
    Please let me know how you get on with the smoking, just remember not to smoke too heavily, just a wisp is enough.

  • Absolutely love it! Just discovered your blog and have subscribed to start following you :) I have just begun a similar blogging journey down on the other side of the world… I look forward to following you and reading more of your previous posts. Much Love from NZ, Holly x

  • Only just found you guys! Will be checking back for sure ;) as a big foodie I can’t wait to try out your recipes :)

  • Hello! Are the oven temperatures for fan or normal electric? Hoping fan as my courgette cupcakes have just gone in to bake!! Thanks

  • Finally! An English baker using terminology I can relate to! 😀 my Grandfather, Father and Uncle were all master bakers and confectioners, my grandfather won prizes and cups for his bread. Looking forward to following you, have already decided to make Baked Bean tin Christmas Cakes, thank you

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