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Lily little baker

For the last 9 months I’m sure some of you have noticed the blog’s been a bit different and this is when I confess why. I was expecting a baby. Lily (or Little Baker as she’ll be known on blog) finally arrived 11 days late, 6lb 11oz and within 18.5 hours of being induced. You don’t need the gory details but the amazing staff at Derby Birth Centre allowed me to have a birth that was unlike the horrors that seem as norm on One Born Every Minute. Also, under the influence of gas & air (amazing stuff) I still talk about food, this time about a love of Chicken Tikka Biryani and M&S cheesecake.

Pregnancy isn’t always conducive to a bloggable appetite. I was conscious what I ate to make sure Little Baker had as good start as possible and foods I’d previously loved were cast aside as they either made me heave or give me raging reflux.

During pregnancy I had no interest in baking until nesting hit around 38 weeks and for the first half of the pregnancy all I was interested in eating were raspberries, melon, passion fruit, salted popcorn and cheese. Not just any cheese; it HAD to be Babybel or Dairylea. Classy food lover here.

Little Baker has had very good foodie start in life and technically has already notched up some Michelin Stars experiencing Afternoon Tea at Le Manoir and a stay and meal Hand & Flowers.

So there we have it, I’ve confessed; we are now a family of three and the blog has a new member. I still want the blog to stay with the food focus and once we’re settled I’ll get back on it.

Now where did I put that prosecco, strong coffee and brie?

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