Make Eat Get Read Go – August ’14

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With Little Baker, the new member of the Butcher Baker family, settling in it’s not leaving lots of time for us, so we’re trying to fit in the odd little thing that makes us happy to try and keep us sane during these sleep-impaired days.

1. Make

Botanical drawings with Derwent Watercolour Pencils

I’ve been looking for some botanical prints for the house for a while but haven’t managed to find ones that I like or are remotely in budget. While having a big clear out in the house I came across all my art and craft stuff that as lay unused since our wedding 7 years ago. About time I dusted them down. One of my favourite medium is watercolour pencils. Let’s see if I can still draw!

2. Eat

Sticky sausages from Daisies and Pie

August is BBQ season and these sticky sausages with raspberries on Dasies and Pie blog have caught my eye. Never thought of pairing pork and raspberries before, but I suppose pork goes well with other sweet and sour fruits

3. Get

Helen Russell Creations

Now this one is a bit of cheat as I already own it but felt like I had to share it with you. I’ve seen Helen Russell’s work in local galleries before and love her quirky designs. A dear friend bought me one of her piece for my birthday and it now sits on the mantle piece.

4. Read

Pitt Cue Co – The Cookbook

Me, The Baker, could be veggie if it wasn’t for bacon and spaghetti bolognaise; Hubs, The Butcher, certainly has carnivore tendencies and since the BBQ season has started he’s had his nose permanently fixed in his copy of Pitt Cue Co. – The Cookbook. The hot water smoker has been assembled, time for the cooking to begin.

5. Go

National Trust – Calke Abbey 

With a little one now in tow it does restrict us a bit as where we can go at the weekends while we get out heads around what to do. I so wish they came with training manuals! Calke Abbey is a regular haunt of ours and the cream teas are the best in the area. They always have good events on and this summer is no exception. Little One’s first outing will probably be here for a walk and picnic.

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