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This blog has been going since 2007 and it has seen some big changes. For starters it was called Domestic Goddess in Training. I started to write it as a way of cataloguing recipes for my own personal use. Hubs (then fiancĂ©) & I had bought our first house together – a tiny, 1-bed, 200-year-old cottage with the smallest of kitchens. Out went our student diet. It was time to learn how to cook from scratch. Small fridge and no freezer so forget ready meals. Fast forward, we’ve now been married 7 years, moved house and now have a daughter. Over this time the blog has evolved too. It’s no longer recipes but also gardening, travel and life.

With our new addition it felt only right the blog should change yet again. Note the new name – Butcher Baker Baby and slightly tweaked graphics. Don’t worry this doesn’t mean I’m going to start writing posts about 10 ways to get butternut squash stains out of baby clothes, it just means`I may write more about our life as parents and what Little Baker gets up to. I know this may not suit all readers and can totally understand if you unsubscribe, but I feel it’s the natural progression of the blog.

So here’s to a new chapter on the blog and I promise the next post will be a recipe!

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