Little Baker Picks – October ’14

LB picks

As mentioned in the Changes post this blog is changing slightly and is now going to incorporate some things from Little Baker too.

As her only form of nutrition at the moment is milk that would be a rather boring blog post so along the same line as my Make Eat Get Read Go posts here are some Little Baker Picks. Like usual these are not sponsored posts, no PR stuff, just thing we genuinely use and enjoy.

When a first time parent you’re bombarded with products that you must buy. We bought the bare essentials until Little Baker was here, then bought on an as need basis and tried not to be swayed by what magazines/websites said we should buy. Never buy parenting magazines, they only make you feel inadequate and think that if you don’t spend £100+ on a bouncer that you can plug your iPad into (you think I’m joking) you’re seriously hampering your child’s development. EBay has been my friend along with the refusal to pay full price for anything.

Star wrap

These fleecy star wraps by Tuppence & Crumble are great. Little Baker has nearly grown out of the smaller size so a larger one is winging its way to us as we speak. She loves being in hers. They’re very handy for prams and buggies, with a huge plus point being they are very easy to get the baby out of if they’ve fallen asleep. I’d like a giant adult version please.

Waitrose bottom butter

This product has the texture of Vaseline but it is made from just olive oils, chamomile oil and flavoured with vanilla. This was great at calming her peeling, dry, overdue baby skin and I nick some to use on me too. In fact I rarely use it for the original bottom butter purpose. Some women swear by it as a facial products but I haven’t gone that far yet.

Beaba Stockholm changing bag

This is my second changing bag (the free Boots one doesn’t count). My first bag was a Black Koto one. I loved the pics of it online but in reality it was bulky, had an ugly shiny finish and the pockets were too small to be useful. I’d looked at a Beaba Stockholm while pregnant but couldn’t justify the £75+ price tag, then a few weeks ago spotted it in TK Maxx for £35. It was missing the cool bag that comes with it but I didn’t mind as I wouldn’t need it. I prefer this bag. It’s spacious, has useful features like buggy clips, straps long enough to go over shoulders and antibacterial pocket for dummies though I use it for the all important Infacol.

Frugi bee gown

I fell in love with the bee print while pregnant and bought Little Baker this Buzzy Bee gown before she was born. I’ve bought a few Frugi things after being recommended them on Twitter. While their items can be pricy, the material is lovely, soft and washes well. This gown was great in the warmer months on its own plus the open end is a godsend for late night nappy changes. I also like the integrated mitts which make keeping Little Baker’s hands warm easy. Now it’s getting cooler she’ll wear it with a grobag.

What baby items have you found useful?



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