Make Eat Get Read Go – April ’18

April sure did whizz by and the taste of summer made a fleeting appearance.

Make – Tea Loaf

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This tea loaf is one of the recipes we make most often at home, yet it’s not on the blog. Partially because it’s not a pretty cake in the slightest. It’s all just a pile of brown.

It’s a really simple tea loaf that uses ingredients you’ll most likely have in the cupboard and is dairy free if that’s your bag. It keeps well, travels well and, dare I say it, nice with a thin spread of butter. Maybe this should be my challenge for May? Photograph and blog the tea loaf recipe.

Eat – Needwood Icecream Soft Serve

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I know Anna who runs Needwood Icecream, but I was a fan of their ice creams before I met her. Their mint choc chip is my benchmark for great ice cream. They also have a ice cream vending machine, called Violet, at the farm.

We were shopping for new garden furniture a few weeks ago and Daisy their ice cream van was parked up outside Byrkley Park. Rarely can we resist a cone of their ice cream and this time went for their soft serve. It’s not the usual Mr Whippy, it’s to their own delicious recipe and perfect with the obligatory flake and strawberry sauce.

Get – Doing It For The Kids stationery

Doing It For The Kids stickers

I’ve been a freelance foodie for 8 years now, 4 of those with a little one in tow. For various reasons I took an extended maternity leave and coming back to the work market was a bit of a shock, especially when the market had taken a complete nosedive when I was trying to master this new motherhood malarkey.

In the last year I’ve discovered a great online community of freelance parents who get the ups and downs of being your own boss when you have kids. Frankie, who runs Doing It For The Kids, has launched her shop full of things for freelance parents who just get it. As soon as I saw the Achievement Stickers for parents along with the card I knew which friend would appreciate it.

Read Listen – Blogtacular podcast

Podcasts are my new thing. Unlikely you’ll get me making one, (though will happily be a guest if any podcasters are reading this!) but they are now part of my working day and a way of cramming learning and knowledge in on the walk from dropping L off at pre-school.

The Blogtactular podcast is a new one to my library and has been great at helping me get my head around GDPR along with listening to the stories behind fabulous online creatives and how they got to where they are today. The interview with Joanna Yee, food blogger and photographer, as really given me inspiration.

Go – Tori & Ben’s Farm Shop

Tori and Ben Farm Shop

Back in the day when this blog was in its infancy, we were young, newly married and lived in our tiny cottage we visited a farm shop near Melbourne every weekend to stock up with their delights for the week ahead. Back then it was called Chantry. Earlier in the year Tori & Ben took over the shop. Tori & Ben are a familiar brand and are often seen at farmers markets. Their beef is top quality.

We were in Derby running errands and decided to pop over to see the new shop. We picked up some beef bacon and some very garlicy sausages. If you’re ever over Melbourne way I highly recommend popping by.

This is the time of year when things begin to ramp up for me. The calendar begins to get busy with birthday and celebrations and work gets busy too before the lull of the summer holidays.

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