Make Eat Get Read Go – June ’17

One of the first blogposts I wrote here was about our wedding day. 10 years later saw us celebrate our 10th Anniversary at the beginning of the June with a memorable trip to London.

Make – Halloumi with Tomatoes and Pomegranate

Halloumi and pomegranate

It look me many years to appreciate halloumi. I remember as a child on a school trip having a meze meal and really not enjoying this squeaky cheese. Fast forward and we now always have a block of “emergency halloumi” in the fridge.

Earlier this month saw me teach a series of cookery classes at a girls’ school in Birmingham and this Halloumi with Tomatoes and Pomegranate dish was one of the recipes. Giving the mercury was hitting 34°c on the day I was teaching I was very glad for a tasty, low-cook dish. It does seem like a bit of a strange combination of ingredients, but you must try it. Don’t scrimp on the pomegranate molasses or mint. It just works.

Eat – Borough Market

Scotch Tails at Borough Market

Whenever we’re in London we head to Borough Market. It’s a foodie haunt full of the most amazing food. This trip to London wasn’t going to be any different, or so we thought. Hubs went for his usual favourite mealbox from Scotch Tails and me an Aloo Tikka Chat from Horn OK Please. We also picked up some doughnuts and brownies from Bread Ahead. As we walked along to London Bridge to take in the views on the beautiful day and I remember thinking how wonderful London is and how safe I felt.

A few hours later, while we were a few miles to the east, the bridge and market were attacked. This won’t stop us visiting and will take LB with us to show her this amazing part of London displaying so many nationalities and their food. #LoveBorough

Get – Room upgrade at Novotel Canary Wharf

View from floor 33 Novotel Canary Wharf

Our child-free night away in London needed a night in a nice hotel and everyone loves and upgrade. In fact our last two hotel stays have involved a free upgrade. Don’t ask me how. I’m also the type of person who likes to play offers against each other so the fact I’d already got us a decent room upgrade at Novotel Canary Wharf for a measly £16 was good enough, only for us to be upgraded yet again when we checked in to an executive suite.

Novotel Canary Wharf Executive Suite Bathroom

Any parent will tell you the chance to have a lie in is a luxury and even better when checkout isn’t until midday. We took full advantage of our fancy room only really leaving to go to Secret Cinema. The novelty didn’t wear thin. Nyetimber & strawberries? – yes please. Let’s order room service at midnight? – check.

Nyetimber and strawberries

The view was pretty spectacular over London and the breakfast certainly lived up to expectations. Never have I eaten somewhere before that had a pastry trolley with at least 6 freshly baked viennoiserie.

Novotel Canary Wharf Breakfast

If you need a room out Canary Wharf way I highly recommend the Novotel and their prices are very good at the weekends with central London being a very short tube ride away.

Read – More Than Toast

I’ve been reading Alice’s blog, More Than Toast, from more or less the beginning when she lived in Nottingham and it wasn’t called More Than Toast. In many ways our lives are similar, but also worlds apart and that is why I love reading her blog. She’s pretty awesome on Instagram too.

Go – Secret Cinema does Moulin Rouge

Secret Cinema Eiffel Tower

Many years ago our first date was to see Moulin Rouge. I know it’s very much a marmite film, but I would go as far to say it’s my favourite films of all time. Secret Cinema is a company that produces immersive cinema experiences and when I found out they’d extended their Moulin Rouge run in London and that it’d fall on our wedding anniversary we knew we’d have to get tickets.

Secret Cinema Moulin Rouge outfit

It’s funny how no one blinks an eyelid when you jump on the Jubilee Line trussed up with a tiny 22 inch corseted waist and other associated late 19th century clothes to be children of the revolution for the night.

Secret Cinema Moulin Rouge

Words cannot explain the night. It was one amazing, surreal, bohemian bubble. Mobiles were sealed in a plastic bag as you entered so no pictures from inside. Let’s just say it involved partying with Toulouse-Laurec and the green fairy, dancing down Monmartre to Smells like Teen Spirit, telling random people you loved them along with singing away with complete gusto to the soundtrack while the film came to life around you.

We ended June with our family holiday, but that’s another blog post entirely. July is the month of birthdays so bring on the prosecco and cake.

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