Little Baker Picks – December

LB Dec 14

Didymos Didytai

When LB was little I carried her in a stretchy sling from Victoria SlingLady. Now she’s bigger and heavier I’ve upgraded to a Didymos Didytai to give more support for both me and LB. I like that I can carry LB on my front, back or side with it plus it comes in lots of pretty fabrics. This pleases the hippy haberdashery lover in me. Hubs prefers the more traditional carriers so he uses a Baby Bjorn and for Christmas we’re getting a hardcore baby carrying rucksack so we can take to the hills with her as she loves the great outdoors.

I’m a babywearing fan. Sometimes it’s easier to wear than take a buggy, it means I can get on with jobs and the biggie, put a grouchy LB in a sling or carrier and she’s usually asleep within 5 min. Magic.

Baby grows

I do love baby grows. As a baby it’s the only time in your life when it is socially acceptable to be seen outside the house in a onesie. As cute as outfits are for babies (I’ve bought a fair few), sometimes it’s nice and easy for her to be in a babygrow. Think taking her swimming. Never again will I make the mistake of putting her in an outfit. It’s a mare to change a damp, rapidly chilling wriggle monster into something that isn’t baggy with minimum buttons.

Next baby grows are good as they wash well and have integrated scratch mitts. Size wise they are generous. 20 weeks in and weighing 14lb, LB still fits in her 0-3 baby grows from Next. It’s interesting seeing how the retailers differ so much in quality and sizing. Tesco – good sizing, usually good quality and generally wash well; Asda – small sizing, poor choice unless you have a penchant for frills, slogans and baby pink. LB has nearly grown out of 3-6 months Asda baby grows even though she is small for her size; Morrisons Nutmeg – while some of their clothing is good, their baby grows are thin, wonky seamed and don’t wash well at all.

Baby books

Tactile books are brilliant for babies. LB has the Faces version of this book and it seems to go most places with us. They are made of material, feature plastic mirrors, can be chewed and feature a velcro strap meaning they can be safely attached to the buggy or play gym. She’s mastering the art of turning pages at the moment.


Or should I say Mocc Ons. LB has the inability to keep most types of booties/shoes on and in the colder weather a couple of pair of socks just aren’t warm enough. I’d read about moccasins for babies being great (especially when babywearing) so set about trying to source them. I finally found them in Sainsbury’s. They sell them in a large variety of patterns and colours for the bargain price of ÂŁ5. You can find other retailers on the Sockons website.

Have you made any fab baby/child discoveries recently?


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