Cupcakes of glitter and grime

Through my business I run cake decorating classes for kids but me being me I’m not afraid of doing something different. To me cake decorating isn’t just for girls and doesn’t have to be pretty perfect swirls with a plethora of butterflies. Oh no, this is the woman who has no qualms about serving up a macabre but delicious chocolate sponge covered in edible dirt and beetles. Think of it as an edible way of expressing your creative side.

As anyone who has read the fabulous Raymond Briggs book – Fungus the Bogeyman will know, bogeymen love nothing better than dark, damp, grimy places and food that us Drycleaners (aka humans) wouldn’t touch. 7 year old Cam, who was at the party, decided he was going to make Bogeyman cupcakes. Due to black buttercream being nigh on impossible to make and can have a funny after taste we went for more of a storm cloud grey colour. Then I bended some Oreos down to be the edible dirt. The rest of the decorating was all his own creation and imagination.  He also included a spider with red eyes for Grandma who doesn’t like the creepy arachnids. I thought his ideas were so great I had to share them with you showing that yes boys can make cakes too. If you wanted to make similar cakes to Cam follow the instructions on my Beetle Cupcakes post.

Due to a ban on non-toxic glitter (often used to be marketed as edible glitter) by the Food Standards Agency (before you ask although it’s non-toxic it’s classed as a food containment so not allowed to be used on food if it cannot be removed before eating.) you have to get creative cake decorating without blinding the recipient with glitter. Lustre is still fine to use and there are a few lustre sprays on the market along with a great selection of sprinkles at most major supermarkets. Dr Oetker are very generous and often send me new products to try most of which were used at this particular party. However I’ve often noticed that you can give kids all the sprinkles in the world but they are most happiest with a few pieces of sugar paste, edible ink and some cutters (Thank you TK Maxx for your random selection of cutters) to mould their own creations from.

Thanks to 7 year old Cam I’m now working on some alternative cakes that will be on my business stand at an event soon and finding ways of making edible slime and slugs for cakes. You have been warned.

12 thoughts on “Cupcakes of glitter and grime”

  • How stupid are the FSA in banning edible glitter? I LOVE edible glitter. And how stupid would people have to be to use craft glitter in its place? Rant over.

    Great cakes however!

    I am still cross about the glitter.

    • I still use it in great abundance in personal baking. I’ve spotted it being used in lots of food magazines this month for Easter & Mothering Sunday. Obviously written & photographed before ban came into place.

  • I love this idea and the edible soil made from Oreo’s is so good. I always have Oreo’s in the house as I like to add them to brownies. I bet your group must have revelled in this activity, most impressed!

    • The leftover dirt was eaten by the spoonful. Bourbon biscuits can be used to make edible dirt too but I think Oreos give a better colour.

    • Half a packet of Oreos makes loads of dirt. Enough for 12 cupcakes. You don’t need to get rid of the cream, just blitz the whole Oreo in the blender.

  • What fun and kids are so incredibly creative if you only allow their imaginations to run wild! These are so much fun and in my humble opinion would be much more fun to eat than pink frou frou cupcakes :-)

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