Reuby, Reuby, Reuby, Reuben

Reuben is a gorgeous little chap who was born back in November. As tradition states I give new mums cakes. Both Maggie’s & Rose’s mums got bite-sized cakes so it was only fair I did the same for Reuben’s mum. While Reuben was gurgling away on the sofa we were reminiscing our care free student days.Gone are the days of chip spice, the epic Saturday brunch served in our halls of residence and the pub opposite uni where you could get a dodgy, but cheap Sunday lunch. These have now been replaced with talk of pensions, fine lines and the rubbish housing market.

Yes I know I’m not the person who traditionally makes cupcakes and I can even be heard claiming my dislike for them, but they can make a perfect, quick to make gift. I’ve also been trying out some equipment and recipes for a project I’m running through my business.

The recipe I used for these cakes is one I was given on Holly’s cupcake course and is more or less based on this recipe, but with a bit of ground almonds in the sponge. It’s a great recipe that showed me that yes you can throw all the ingredients in a mixer without the traditional creaming method and still make good little cakes. These cakes are great for piping with buttercream or decorating with sugarpaste. The nature of these cakes means that they sink slightly when out of the oven giving you the perfect flat top for decorating. One thing I learnt on Holly’s course was about whipping the buttercream for far longer than I usually do to give lovely fluffy buttercream that goes further.

The initial intention was to make these with plain, uncoloured buttercream, but in a post morning coffee frenzy I decided that Reuben needed not only two toned icing, but polka dot sprinkles and glitter. Poor lad, but I do have an addiction to edible pizzazz.

Making two toned icing is easy. Once you have beaten your icing to the desired consistency split the icing in two. Colour one half of this icing, then spoon the icing into the piping bag with one coloured icing on one side of the bag and the other on the other side. This picture shows how it can be done with 4 colours of icing.

9 thoughts on “Reuby, Reuby, Reuby, Reuben”

  • The two-tone icing looks amazing – seriously impressed! How do you manage to get it in even amounts down each side of the piping bag? I struggle to fill a bag with one colour of icing neatly… :-)

    • First put your piping bag in a pint glass or similar and fold the edges of the bag down the outside of the glass to keep the bag wide open. This is easier than trying to hold the bag in your hand. Spoon the buttercream into the bag a small amount at a time alternating between the colours. If you want more of a chaotic effect don’t be as strict as to where you put the icing in the bag.

  • As Reuben’s mum I can definitely say these cakes were most welcome! They were absolutely gorgeous, so beautiful to look at I almost felt guilty eating them…I say almost! Between me and Reuben’s dad they vanished within 24 hours!! Delicious! Soft moist sponge and really fluffy icing. For someone who doesn’t regularly make cupcakes these are fantastic!! Thanks again xxxx P.S Reuben says “gurgle ooogle flurgle flloop” which I think means “thank you!”

  • Jules, I had to laugh at myself when I opened this post. I expected a Reuben Sandwich recipe after just seeing the title in my google reader. Beautiful cupcakes, much prettier than a messy sanrnie!

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