Rio Brazil 2016 Olympic Cupcakes

brazil rio olympic Cupcakes

It doesn’t seem like 4 years ago that we were gearing up to London 2012; now it’s Rio’s turn to host the Olympic Games. Back in 2012 a local school asked me to run an Olympic themed cupcake workshop for their summer holiday club. This week I was back to repeat the workshop with a nod to Brazil.

I decided it was mad not to share with you the cupcakes I developed for the kids to make. The kids ranged from age 4-11 so it had to be accessible for all of them and doable in a 50 minute time frame.

I pre-made all the cupcakes and buttercream. I portioned up the buttercream into manageable 250g portions. This is enough for 4-6 cupcakes. It’s easy to forget that kids have smaller hands than adults and skills like piping can be tricky if the piping bag is filled too much.

Rio 2016 Brazil Olympics cupcakes

As this workshop approached I was very thankful the heatwave we had mid-July didn’t make an appearance as kids + buttercream + heat = isn’t a great mix. I’ve been there once before and it wasn’t pretty.

The 23 kids did a fantastic job and the feedback was good. When I asked them which was their favourite cake to make I was surprised to hear it was the Olympic flame cake. A simple yet effective piping technique.
I used a Wilton 1M piping tip for all the piped cupcakes.

Olympic flame cupcake

Brazil Rio Olympic flame cupcake

Hold your piping bag at 90 degrees to the cake. As you gently squeeze the piping bag, pull it up and away from the cake. Continue this until the cake is covered. Top with a few sprinkles.

Olympic rings cupcake

Brazil Rio Olympic Rings Cupcakes

The version I did with the children is a simplified (and not so neat) version of what you can see on the blog. They simply rolled small pieces of sugarpaste into a sausage then bent into a circle. On this blog version I cut rings out of the sugarpaste using tiny circular cutters and cut a small portion out of each ring so I could get them to overlap. Quite a bit of faff!

Brazilian flag cupcake

Brazil Rio Olympic flag cupcake

I happen to have the perfect cutters for this from a random set I picked up in Asda years ago. The shapes can also be easily cut out by hand.

Roll out some green sugarpaste and cut out a rectangle. Roll out some yellow sugarpaste and cut out a diamond (or a rhombus if you are being particular). Using water stick the diamond on the middle of the green rectangle. Take a small piece of blue sugarpaste and roll this out. Roll a tiny amount of white into a thin sausage and press this into the blue dough, roll over with a rolling pin to smooth it over. Using a circular cutter or upturned piping nozzle, cut a circle out of the blue dough making sure the white stripe is in the middle. Stick to the yellow diamond with water.

If you want the flags to remain flat allow to dry for a few hours before placing on cake.

Gold medal cupcake

Rio Brazil Olympic medal cupcake

We made this cupcake last as it was a good opportunity to use up leftover sugarpaste. Cut a small circle out of yellow sugarpaste and stick a sugarpaste 1 in the centre. Put all the other colours together in a ball a briefly mix do you have marbled sugarpaste. Don’t overdo the mixing or you’ll end up with sludgy grey icing. Roll this dough out and cut two thin ribbons out of it. Place these over the piped cupcake before sticking on the medal with a small amount of buttercream.

Let the games begin…

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