Garden Update – August ’10

There has been a definite theme for this month in the garden – rain and more rain. While this means the BBQ and Tandoor have been left unused it does mean the garden is beautiful and lush. August has really been the peak for crops in the garden with peas being by far the best crop this year closely followed by the beetroot. The various types of carrots we’ve grown have also fared well being grown in old floristry buckets. We harvested the first of the white pattypan last night and when roasted they are delicious and have an almost buttery taste. The plant has been more manageable that the Blue Ballet Squashes from a few years back. I’m not the biggest fan of squashes but this is one that will not end up in a cake! The alpine strawberries are very slowly getting there.

Somehow I’ve managed to kill my Borage plant. Yes the plant that runs rampant in the majority of places I’ve managed to kill. It shot up impressively, bloomed a few flowers but then the remaining buds never opened, the plant turned yellow and keeled over. I’m not sure if the plant just felt swamped in the big pot with the other herbs.

After 3 years of planting sweetcorn we’ve given up as our garden just isn’t suited to them. The Romanesco is getting savaged by caterpillars and there is no sign of the beautiful bright fractal covered vegetable but we’re not going to give up on it. Oh, and the less we talk about Asparagus Peas the better. On the brighter side the Purple Sprouting Broccoli is looking good and should bring some much needed colour in the winter months.

The harvest from the garden is slowly coming to an end and it is being cleared ready for some winter crops. I’m always surprised as to what we manage to achieve from such a small plot. While we are not self-sufficient it has certainly cut down on the amount of veg we’ve had to buy. Nothing is as good as eating freshly picked peas or carrots.

7 thoughts on “Garden Update – August ’10”

  • Yes let’s not talk about Asparagus Peas – they grew well for me but I now realise that they taste nothing like asparagus or peas. In fact, they don’t taste of much at all in my view and that’s not to mention the slightly unpleasant texture. Mine are now making compost. French turnips have been an excellent discovery, though.

  • These look great! Our tomatoes are not faring as well as they used to. Luckily we have a grandma and a mom who hand over extra zucchinis and tomatoes for delicious kitchen experimentation.

    I’ve added you to my blogroll! Thanks for sharing.

  • Wow.Those carrots look really fresh! Along with the other vegetables. I think I really got hungry as I browsed your blog. My garden has peppers and also some carrots and potatoes but your carrots are better-looking. My carrots are like dead ones because of the extreme weather we are having. I think that is the root cause of my garden problems. Goof for you, your garden is really doing fine.

  • I am really amazed with your white pattypan. It is really big and skinny in the photos. My squashes have problems with producing some fruits. All of the flowers are male and only one female flower that I am expecting to produce for the next days. I just hope that it will grow successful.

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