Garden Update – July ’10

Weather wise we’ve been quite lucky here with a good dose of sun and rain. When I went into the garden this morning, tentively  I may say due to a mouse-shaped furry friend I’d spotted, the way that the overnight raindrops glistened on the plants was beautiful.

Not sure the Pot Marigolds they are keeping away the pests but the almost day-glo orange of the flowers have really brought some colour to the garden.

Nothing beats the eating sweet, delicious peas straight from the plant. The peas certainly seem to be the success of the veg plot this year. Most of the peas are being eaten by us before the reach the kitchen.

The Purple Sprouting Broccoli plants are doing very well. The butterflies seem to be ignoring these plants and are heading straight to the Romanesco Broccoli that is slowing being eaten by caterpillars.

The grapevine is giving the garden a glorious wall of green for the 3rd year in the row. However still no grapes. Does anyone know what we have to do to encourage the vine to bear fruit?

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  • One of the fondest memories of my childhood is wandering around in the garden during the long summer hols (when the sun always shined!) eating peas. I brought home a huge bag from my Aunt’s garden in Poland when I left my daughter who was just 2 with Grandma and she ate the lot in one sitting. Lovely pics and post.

  • We’ve had our vine for four years and this is the first year it has produced grapes. It had grapes when we bought it but the general thinking is that it takes them 4 years to get established and comfortable enough to make grapes. So don’t get discouraged, next year you should get fruit!

  • We had a vine at home, when I was growing up, and my father swore by burying by the roots of the vine, any mice the cats killed ….
    Your photographs are beyond gorgeous!

  • I feel very jealous. Something has eaten all my winter cabbage! I agree with you about the marigolds, I’m going to plant lots more flowers, some edible, amongst the veges this coming Spring to bring that extra colour to the kitchen garden.

  • The peas are really delicious and I can’t wait for my peas to ripe. My kids are also excited for the beans to harvest and maybe it will be next week. Your marigolds are gorgeous. I also love marigold and they are really beautiful first thing in the morning.

  • I love your broccoli! They look great and healthy! I can’t wait see my broccoli grow too. I have problems with weeds in my garden so I keep on pulling them and taking away in my plants.

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