Beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

New Decade = New Blog. As I decided to move over to WordPress I thought it was a fine opportunity to “rebrand” my blog and make it more inclusive of Hubs and his fantastic foodie projects.Please bear with me with the new look as with the festive season fast approaching time is tight, but both Hubs & I will be back soon.

Lighting in the cottage at this time of year makes photography very difficult, hence my lack of posts recently. Thankfully I have a much-needed tripod on my Christmas List.

Christmas is coming at full force and the to do list is extending at an alarming rate I feel organised but also totally unorganised at the same time. Everything is revolving around getting to the end of term without drowning in a sea of glitter and baking for friends and family with the odd party and ball thrown in for good measure. All the Christmas editions of foodie mags around December are full festive cheer, but to be quite frank there is only so many ways you can carve and stuff a turkey! Baking in the house at this time of the year is very much based around traditions and sometimes I can be a bit too stubbon to change them.

Here the staple for Christmas baking is mincemeat. I’m very particular what goes into my mincemeat, hence why I make my own. I was a bit heavy-handed with the rum this year, but given the latest batch of mince pies were practically inhaled by workmates I don’t hear them complaining! I usually make the mince pies one of 2 ways – either in the style of mini Eccles cakes, or traditional shape but with gluten-free pastry to cater for some friends. Today I finished baking stained glass biscuits with 40 primary aged kids, they loved watching the biscuits transform. This weekend the well-fed Christmas Marzipan Cake is finally being sliced. I just hope it’s as good as I’m expecting.

Hubs has also been busy with the slow food for Christmas. Salami is curing ready for an “allotment swap”, a length of pork belly has just been dry cured and is beginning to dry out in the meat safe plus a leg of pork is brining in a mix of cider and spices ready to be boiled into a ham. Just don’t ask if we have a pan big enough to boil the ham. If these meaty experiments work I’ll get Hubs to post the recipe.

In the final preparations for Christmas I’m getting all Sarah Raven and going to attempt to transform a boring Supermarket wreath into something a bit more us with a foodie twist of chillies and limes and bake my usual biscuits to adorn the tree. If the wreath goes wrong (of which there is a high possibility!) I know that the wonderful Kerry at The Blossom Tree will be coming to my rescue.

So raise a glass of your favourite festive tipple to Christmas, cheers!

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  • Loving the new look blog, and name! Well done for managing to get the pictures in! I know how you’re feeling about Christmas; there’s glitter everywhere, I’m beginning to look like a turkey and the children are slowly becoming more hyperactive! Oh well, soon be the holidays and we’ll be able to focus full time on cooking! Can’t wait! Have a good one. x

  • Nice restyle of the blog, mine’s due for a makeover in January. Regarding the wreathes I think you meant Kirsty Allsopp, rather than Sarah Raven. I have a few dozen hand decorated wreathes in my shed which I am supposed to have put on Ebay, and didn’t get around to!

  • It’s lovely to find your new blog! Thanks for letting us know you’ve moved, I’ve updated my blog list accordingly!! Good luck with all the preparation, I’m going to start making food shopping lists for all the things I want to give as presents and also all the food that will be cooked over Christmas – I’m hosting it this year and no one is going home hungry!!

  • Love the new design, I am thinking of updating mine soon too. The snow fall is very cute, but not too distracting – it’s a wonderful wintery idea!

  • Hello over here now! Salami? Homemade? Oooooo I want to see! I want to see! And christmas biscuits for the tree? How do you stop them from going stale?! Interesting! How come you decided to come to WordPress? Is it better than blogger? xxx

  • Thank you for all the lovely comments. Both Hubs & I are looking forward to posting in our new blog.

    There was several reasons for the move. The major one being that blogger isn’t supported well on iphones ( & similar phones), whereas it is on WordPress. WP has software to make the move really easy and I’m now finding it far easier to use and customise. I would highly rec it!

    Lush Gardens – I have Sarah Raven’s Complete Christmas book at there is a section of wreath making. I did enjoy Kirsty’s Home.

    The Curious Cat – I use the Nigella Christmas Biscuit recipe. They make quite hard biscuits and in the past have lasted 2+ weeks on the tree without going soggy.

  • ah there you are. Look forward to seeing some of hubs’ creations on here (and lets face it your far from a ‘trainee’ domestic goddess now!). Hubby didn’t fancy being a god then ;o)
    welcome to WP too.

  • what a nice new home you have – does that mean you are now a fully accredited domestic goddess now that you have lost your training wheels :-) your christmas preparations sound very organised – hope it is a good one

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