Make Eat Get Read Go – November 2018

Make – Heart shaped rainbow cakes

making mini heart rainbow cakes

I have a 4 year old who is obsessed with rainbows right now. When asked what she wants for Christmas her reply is simply rainbow socks. Earlier in the month Tala sent L some mini cake tins to bake with. When I asked her what she wanted to bake you can guess her reply – rainbow cake.

To make these four cakes I simply did a 2 egg sponge mix (so 2 eggs, 120g sugar, 120g plain flour, 120g butter), split in to four bowls, coloured using Sugarflair gel, then spooned in to the cake tins. Then baked for 15-20 minutes. The turned straight out of the tins which is great.

Note: I’ve also realised that baking after school and getting decent photos now clocks have gone back is impossible.

Eat – Sweet Yorkshire Puddings with fruits and creme anglais

Early November I had a day trip to London. Popped to my usual haunts of Borough Market, Paul A Young & Liberty as well as to an event at The Violin Factory with Amara about hosting Christmas.

Rather than the traditional Christmas pudding they served a rather delicious stack of sweet yorkshire puddings topped with lots of fruit and creme anglais. The food for the event was by Social Pantry.

Get – L’Occitane Advent Calendar

For a good few years now Hubs & I have exchanged advent calendars and as the years have gone by they’ve moved on from a Dairy Milk chocolate one (not that there is anything wrong with that!). As Hubs shares his birthday with a certain baby Jesus plus we now have a child who is excited about the whole Christmas thing and will dominate the 25th it’s nice for us to spread the cheer throughout December.

This year I’ve been given L’Occitane Beauty Advent Calendar and I’ve given Hubs Hotel Chocolat’s Grand Advent Calendar. There was an ulterior motive in me buying him the Hotel Chocolate Advent; I’m hoping he may be kind enough to share some of his chocolate stash with me…

Read – Sarah Raven’s Complete Christmas

Every festive seasoned starts with me opening this beautiful book then remembering I’m too late to plant out seeds so I can have a grow-your-own floral arrangement just in time for Christmas. Think of it as an aspirational Christmas book. Plus I have a lovely florist friend who can sort flowers for me.

Aside from flowers this book seems timeless and has some delicious recipes (& photos) that will be cooked over the festive season.

Go – Coombe Abbey

A few years ago we went to Coombe Abbey for Afternoon Tea and said we must return. After being given some Buy A Gift vouchers we put them towards a One Night Romantic Break at Coombe Abbey. We booked it months ago when November looked quiet. This month has turned out to be anything but quiet so it was nice to run away for the night.

Sometimes a long soak in the bath with a glass of champagne, room service while watching Strictly (to soak up champagne) plus a meal in a good restaurant is just what you need to recharge the soul.

In typical parent style we were tucked up in bed fast asleep by 10:30pm, wide awake by 8am and had breakfast before the majority of the hotel. We would have gone back to bed after breakfast if it wasn’t for a 10:30pm check out.

I’ve often a bit skeptical about dining packages on website like this as through experience they can be pretty ropy, but this was really good value for money.


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