Make Eat Get Read Go – October 2018

October has been a super busy month with work and life, the biggest being my little brother got married. This just wasn’t any old wedding, but one that involved a mini break, big fascinators, subtle musical/film references, penguins, tartan and bow ties.

Make – Surprise parcels for new mum friends

new mum gift box

Baby booms go in cycles. Just when you think you don’t know anyone expecting, you find out three within a few weeks of each other.

Those first few weeks/months with a newborn are physically and mentally hard. Nothing can prepare you for it. While it is lovely to receive gifts for baby it’s important the mum (& dad) are looked after well too. My little parcels usually include a little something for baby, decent hand cream (as your hands get sore after all the post nappy changing hand washing) and brownies or flapjack. Well parents need sustenance during those long days, cluster feeding and broken sleep.

Eat – many a hotel breakfast

malmaison Dundee breakfast

After four days away up in Scotland for my brother’s wedding L is now a firm hotel convert. She soon clicked on to how hotel buffet breakfasts worked.

Small bowl of cereal followed by yoghurt, sausage, beans, scrambled egg, toast, pastry, fruit and more toast. Oh and don’t forget that glass of orange juice and cup of (decaff) tea. Well it is hungry work being a flowegirl.

Just so helps that both Malmaison Dundee and Tebay Services Hotel do fabulous breakfasts.

Get – Chi Chi dress with pockets

One reason I love weddings is that it’s a damn good reason to make an effort to dress up. My rule for occasions like this is that it’s always better to overdress than under dress.

I wore a red lace Chi Chi dress to a few weddings last year and decided to splash out on a brand new one this year. Well it’s not every year your little brother gets married.

When I bought my Chi Chi Zoey dress online earlier in the year and didn’t realise until it arrived that it had pockets. More dresses need to have pockets because sometimes lugging a bag around is just plain annoying.

I’ve become one of those women who when complimented about their dress responds with – “It’s great, it has pockets!”

Read – DailyGreatness Journal

daily greatness journal

I’ve been looking at a DailyGreatness Journal for a while. The whole mindfulness, self-imrovement stationery sector seems to be booming at the moment and DailyGreatness stood out.

I thought L starting school would give me more time during the day to work, but it seems anything but. After 7 years of working on the dining room table it has been replaced with a nice little office that was once L’s nursery. I’m only 3 weeks in to writing in my DailyGreatness Journal and although I don’t complete all the daily tasks in it, it has helped me stay focused.

Go – Tebay Services Hotel

I love a good hotel and L hasn’t stayed in many until now. My brother’s wedding was at Malmaison Dundee, a fair drive from Derby. To break up our drive to and from Dundee we stayed at Tebay Services Hotel.

Hold with me in recommending a service station hotel to stay at. Anyone who has stopped at Tebay Services on the M6 will know this is a different type of service station. What I didn’t realise until recently was that they also have a hotel next to the services.

As expected this is different to the type of hotel usually associated with service stations. We paid a little extra for Crafted Family Room. The room truly exceeded expectations.

It was the little touches that made it special. The locally made toiletries and fudge, generous amount of freshly made shortbread and even an extra mug for L with a sachet of hot chocolate and milk. It’s these little touches that make the difference. Every member of staff we came across was welcoming and friendly. It really didn’t feel like we were staying next to the M6.

On both nights we ate dinner in the bar and it’s always nice to dine out at place that has a decent kids menu that isn’t chips with everything.

It provided a much needed respite for the long car journey and we wouldn’t hesitate to stay there again.


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