Make Eat Get Read Go – August 2018

Make – Blondie Beach

BKD blondie beach

I’ve spoken about BKD before. They are a kids bakery & craft subscription box. L loves them and my sister gave her a subscription for her birthday.

The August box was our favourite yet – we baked a blondie beach. Blondie cake on the bottom, topped with blue chocolate and jelly sea animals, not forgetting the sunbathing jelly baby.


Eat – Flat Iron Steak

Flat Iron Steak Covent Gardens

Fair to say Flat Iron not one for the veggies amongst you. There are no reservations, the menu is small but my goodness do they do it well.

I’m not a big meat eater (Hubs very much is), so when I do eat meat I want it to be good. The steak I ate at Flat Iron was possibly the best I’ve ever eaten. The chips are cooked in beef dripping, the aubergine side dish is a must have and the popcorn you are given when you sit down are (you’ve guessed it) cooked in beef dripping. You even get free cone of ice cream on the way out.

We ate at the Covent Garden branch and although they don’t do reservations you can leave your number at the front desk and they’ll text you when a table is free for you. We all drank wine or cocktails and the bill came to around £25 per head which for central London I think is great.


Get – Peshwari Naan Chocolates

Paul A Young Indian Summer collection

Paul A Young is my must visit place when ever we are in London. Over the summer Paul A Young launched an Indian Summer collection of chocolates that included a peshwari naan one. Like usual I popped on by and treated myself to a box of 9, the majority of which are new chocolates.

All of the Indian Summer range are delicious, mmy favourite being the lassi one, but the peshwari naan one was a close second.


Read Watch – Secret Cinema Romeo + Juliet

Secret Cinema Romeo and Juliet Costume

Last year for our 10th wedding anniversary we went for our first Secret Cinema experience – Moulin Rouge. This summer for my birthday we returned for their take on Romeo + Juliet. When the film came out I was a teenager and even did a whole art project on the iconography used in the film. #geek.

The event was on over two weeks in Gunnersby Park and we just so happened to go one of the nights with better weather. Secret Cinema is really hard to explain unless you’ve been there. Cameras or phones aren’t allowed once you’re in.

A few weeks before the event you are assigned a character and given a costume brief. All four of us were Capulets which meant black, red, devil horns and Hawaiian shirts. From the moment you walk in to the event the film comes alive around you. We went in about 6pm and the film didn’t start until dusk and 9pm. We spend the 3 hours soaking up the atmosphere, blagging tickets off Paris to get in to the Capulet Mansion, being sent on a mission by Queen Mab before sitting down on picnic blankets to watch the film with actors continuing the film action around you.

If you’re in to film and love a bit of dressing up I highly recommend Secret Cinema.


Go – Yoga at Natural History Museum

yoga at national history museum

As someone who enjoys yoga and studied Biology at uni when I found out there was monthly yoga sessions at the Natural History Museum in London I knew I had to go. It was an early start for a Sunday to get across from Blackheath for the event but very much worth it plus my sister-in-law came along for the ride.

It started with a breathing meditation, followed by a 45 minute yoga session then a 15 minute gong bath all under Hope the Whale skeleton. The acoustics in the main hall are incredible and the sound bounced around and really enveloped you. We both came out feeling very chilled.

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