Make Eat Get Read Go – March ’17

Spring is well and truly here. The buds are appearing in the garden along with a splash of colour with both flowers and food.

Make – cake case flowers

cake case flowers

LB has almost dropped naps now unless we’re out in the car so we’re slowly finding a new normal. The key for us is making sure I plan a few activities at home in the afternoon. The cheaper the better.

This craft activity of making flowers out of cake cases has been one of the most popular things to date and we’re never short of a cupcake case here. You can pick the lolly sticks up in pound shops or Wilkos.

Eat – Mumbai Frankie Rolls

I have no shame in saying I buy frozen parathas. Until I saw Maunika Gowardhan’s Mumbai Frankie Roll recipe I can’t believe I’d never thought about using parathas as wraps. Usually we just use them for dunking in curries.

Well this recipe went down a treat and I think it’s going to be a regular addition on our weekly meal plan.

Get – Maitre Choux

It’s been a busy month with weekends of working and seeing family and friends. I haven’t treated myself to anything exciting this month, but we were treated to these beautiful eclairs from Maitre Choux by my brother when he came to stay. They were almost too pretty to eat… almost.

Read – Nigella Feast

Every once in a while it’s nice to go back through my library of cookbooks and pick out something to browse through again. I’m hosting Easter this year and you can’t go wrong with Nigella – Feast for inspiration. There will be an epic roast dinner and a passionfruit infused Lemon Meringue Cake.

Go – Afternoon Tea at Coombe Abbey

Coombe Abbey Afternoon Tea

For Christmas we were given Afternoon Tea at Coombe Abbey. We love a good Afternoon Tea. It’s served in the conservatory and it was busy with many others who appeared to have the same gift voucher as us. They also serve a savoury afternoon tea which looked interesting.

It was a tasty Afternoon Tea with a good selection of cakes and teas. I’d certainly buy it as a gift for someone.

April brings Easter, family, friends, babies (not ours before you get excited) and celebrating with George Clooney (ok not him, one of his neighbours).


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