Make Eat Get Read Go – February ’17

There certainly has been a turn in the seasons this month. Small signs of spring are appearing. It’s been a super busy month for me with work so when not working we’ve been having quiet, family down time.

Make – Macarons

The beginning of the month saw me working with GBBO’s Beca Lyne-Pirkis on a Macaron making course. On that day a challenge was set for me to go home and use surplus ingredients to make macarons with LB.

Listening in on the macaron course made sure I was full of top tips to master them. While they were not perfect, hey LB was helping me make them, they certainly went down well.

Eat – Campfire food


One morning a week I go to a Forest School playgroup with LB. Forest School is an ethos about learning in an outdoor environment where lots of it is child-led. Almost the opposite to soft play (hell). What ever the weather we’ve been out there, LB togged up in her Spotty Otter all-in-one (HIGHLY recommend this brand, we buy in the sale).

In the winter months we’ve had a campfire for warmth and food. Marshmallows, toast, popcorn, pancakes – you name it, we’ve cooked it over the fire. All of this fun is served with the obligatory warming hot chocolate.

Get  – New microwave

We don’t really eat ready meals but when your microwave is broken by a curious toddler you never realise how useful it is. Melting butter, heating porridge, steaming vegetables and reheating that cup of tea that has gone cold too many times.

Most importantly our new microwave has a child lock…

Read – Sarah Raven’s Garden Cookbook

Sarah Raven's Garden Cookbook

Cookbooks are funny things. If you look at my bookshelves I have an eclectic mix. Some give a clue as to my life when I bought the book, some were once trendy and a few are genuinely timeless and useful. Sarah Raven’s Garden Cookbook is one of these.

I bought my copy back in 2007 when this blog was in its infancy. The photography was inspired me. This is still a fabulous cookbook and is often my first port of call for vegetable recipes when google has failed me.

Go – What a Loving, and Beautiful World at QUAD, Derby

We managed to catch this interactive exhibition at QUAD Derby in the last few days. The nature inspired installation was projected on to three walls and responded to touch and shadows.

LB was memorised by the continually changing lights, pictures and sounds. Unsurprisingly this exhibition has been the most popular QUAD has ever hosted.

March is the month of busy weekends for family birthdays, baby showers and afternoon tea.


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