Working with Stork – Salted Caramel Paris Brest

salted caramel Paris Brest for Stork

For the last month you may have seen hints on my Twitter and Facebook accounts that I’ve been working on a special recipe. I’ve teased you with photos of choux pastry and pans of salted caramel. I can now reveal I’ve been working for Stork and developing a delicious choux pastry recipe for them – Salted Caramel Paris Brest.

I’ve blogged before that I use Stork in baking. I know that some of my first baking attempts in the kitchen as a child will have involved Stork. I like that I can use it straight from the fridge, perfect for some last-minute cakes. For many recipes I genuinely feel it makes a lighter sponge. If it’s good enough for Mary Berry and a winning victoria sponge in the WI show, it’s good enough for me.

Stork comes in two forms – in a tub and in a packet. As a rough rule the tub is for cakes and the packet is for pastry. For the choux pastry in this recipe I used the packet Stork. Interestingly while working on some dairy-free baking for a friend, I discovered Stork packet is also dairy-free.

Stork Paris Brest stages

Choux pastry is easier than it looks, I promise. You just need to follow a few rules. One of the biggest being, DON’T open the oven before the pastry has finished cooking or you could end up with soggy choux, also make sure you cook the flour out enough before adding the egg.

One of the reasons I like choux pastry desserts is that they often look impressive plus the components can be made in advance meaning all you have to do it construct it before serving. Ideal for when time isn’t on your side.

This recipe also includes my new favourite thing – salted caramel whipped cream. Seriously, there were nearly fights in the kitchen over who would get to lick the whisk clean. This deliciously flavoured cream will certainly appear in my baking soon.

You could class this as the perfect pudding – pastry, cream, chocolate and a smattering of edible gold stars; What more could you ask for?

Recipe: Salted Caramel Paris Brest

This post is sponsored by Stork, but like all sponsored content I do it’s because I genuinely use the product. The words are my own.

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