The first harvest

hands with beetroot

It’s the simple things that keep me happy. Freshly baked bread, blooming flowers and food straight from the veg patch.

With the mid-spring move I honestly didn’t think we’d get much of a bounty this year. By the end of June the old raised beds had been ripped out and replaced by mark 2. Bigger, deeper and more in keeping with the rest of the garden. We then stumbled across a wonderful sale at a local council-run garden centre where we picked up around 100 various vegetable plug plants and small fruit bushes for £9, we promptly planted these in our new raised bed that had been enriched with mushroom compost. We sat and waited (something we’re both not very good at).

Fast forward a few months and the bed is getting ready to harvest. The colour of the golden beetroot are stunning. It’s incredible that Mother Nature can produce such beauties.

golden beets and twirly carrots

We’ve harvested our first beetroots, peas and twirly carrots. It’s a good job we like beetroots because there are lots more to come. The same can be said for the pears. While we haven’t officially harvested the tree yet, as it’s a tad bit too early, Father-in-Law scrumped (can you even scrump pears?) one and said it was good. The golden raspberry looks like it going to give us a second harvest at the end of the month.

I’ve got a feeling the rest of the carrots will turn out equally twirly due to how to haphazardly planted them in the ground. Pain to peel, but still delicious.

The challenge is now on to fit beetroot into as many meals as possible without resorting to beetroot brownies. At the weekend we had beetroot pan haggerty that we will certainly make again and I have a beef & beetroot curry on the cards for next week. Although I said I’m trying to resist making beetroot brownies, I have seen this amazing recipe for a vegan cake: beetroot & avocado chocolate cake with chocolate glaze and toasted almond gold dust. How can I say no to that?


2 thoughts on “The first harvest”

  • I love the multicoloured beetroot. I’ve been just as excited about my recent bounties. Love pulling things ou of the ground and cannot wait to see if my courgettes have grown tomorrow! We did beetroot fritters with creme fraiche and smoked salmon. Also beetroot mashed into potatoes makes it gloriously pink for a barbie dinner and finally bettroot tzatziki from the riverford cookbook worked well with some toasted sourdough.

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