Know any perry recipes? – The Garden – August 2013

pear tree glut

It’s incredible how the garden can change in 30 days especially when you have days of glorious sunshine and the odd torrential rain shower to saturate the garden again. At least the water-butt hasn’t stayed dry for too long.

golden raspberry

The bargain £9 plants are flourishing and we have also had a (tiny) harvest of golden raspberries. The beetroot look like they may be ready soon and the pear tree, oh the pear tree. It would seem that more or less every flower on the tree was pollinated and we’re in for a bumper crop of pears. Our friends and neighbours who gave us courgettes and marrows will now be getting pears, though I don’t think this is the fairest of trades and pears are far more favourable. Seriously the “oh thank you for the courgettes” smile is beginning to wear thin especially when I hate wasting food, we don’t really do chutney and there are only so many courgette fritters and courgette cake you can make.


The wedding grape vine is doing us proud with bunches that are growing so fast you can almost see them changing size in real time. However Champagne producers have no fear we have the sum of 2 bunches. Still better than nothing.

bright pink hydrangea

I had good intentions of wanting a classy garden all planned and colour coordinated but, like I mentioned in the last post,  I have a bit of an addiction to buying plants and am now adding all sorts to my garden if the price it right. My theory being is that it if doesn’t work and looks terrible I’ll just dig it up. When you can buy plants for as little as £0.75 from the local council-run garden centre it doesn’t matter. Hydrangea – tick, hosta – tick, calla lilly – tick, gladioli – tick. My garden could look like an over excited 4-year old’s pictorial interpretation of their dream garden, but I don’t care.

David Austin Winchester Cathedral bud

I have a new rose to add to my collection thanks to my very good friends. A beautiful David Austin – Winchester Cathedral rose. I first saw the rose at Gardener’s World and then decided I needed it in my garden.

Oh and hello borage, where did you come from? We thought it was just the alpine strawberry that had hitched a lift from the old house but the borage decided to sit and lie dormant for a year or two in the herb planter until it surprisingly appeared just in time to float in a birthday jug of Pimms.

female migrant hawker gragonfly

The garden is becoming a wildlife haven for which I love. The bees are going mad for the lavender and we have a large extended family of house sparrows who seem to fight it out every morning and evening over the bird feeder. We also had an interesting visitor on the grapevine at the weekend in the form of a stunning female migrant hawker dragonfly. She sat there for a good 10 minutes, I think she was newly hatched and letting her wings unfurl and dry. Hey you can never take the biology geek out of the girl.

So as the nights seem to be getting shorter it’ll be interesting to see what autumn brings to our new garden. We’ll also find out if we’ll need to resort to making a big batch of perry, but after Hubs dabbling with nettle beer a few years ago I’m hoping we find better ways to use our pear glut.

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  • If you do manage to make or find some Perry…………..cook pork in it & serve it with some pears quickly cooked in butter & with a dollop of honey to glaze………..Autumn on a plate.

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