A bonfire weekend


Modern life can be fast paced. Sometimes you need 24-48 hours disconnected from it to appreciate the simple things in life. Twice a year we go away with Hub’s family to a house in the darkest Warwickshire countryside with space, big kitchen, a dining table big enough for 14, a dodgy mobile phone signal (2G if you’re lucky) and most importantly no TV or internet.

One of the weekends we go away is always the weekend closest to bonfire night. We arrived on the Friday night to be greeted by the smell of a huge rib of beef slowly cooking in the oven. A roast dinner with all the trimmings was followed by some beautiful cupcakes brought by a guest. And for me to say that about cupcakes is saying something.

During the Saturday day the children carved pumpkins, made scones and stuffed guys while the men built a bonfire on the paddock. My job, like it is every year, was to make the mulled drinks. I made mulled cider and warm BottleGreen spiced berry cordial (a bit like spicy ribena) for the non drinkers. The rest of the time was spent talking, reading, drawing and drinking lots of tea & coffee.

Oh and wondering what member of next door’s small-holding was being plumped for Christmas.

We also fired up the BBQ on what was possibly the coldest bonfire night we’ve had in years. I admit I didn’t last the whole time out there in the cold and soon dashed back inside to warm up in front of the range and keep the dog company. Not once in the weekend did I hear someone grumble they were bored, missing a reality show, or feeling lost without instant access to the modern world.

Sometimes the best things in life are the simplest. 

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