Derby Clandestine Cake Club’s 1st Birthday

How a year flies. A year ago Derby Clandestine Cake Club was born and a small group of us gathered at Julia’s house with our trick & treat cake creations. This time we were celebrating Derby CCC’s 1st birthday at Grandpa Lew’s on Sadlergate, Derby. Grandpa Lew’s is a fabulous little shop that sells a range of fresh pies,  tea and coffee, deli produce and homewares. He is also my local purveyor of German snack food.

The theme for this CCC was travel. I made a gluhwein bundt. We also had a burger cake, cake topped with spaghetti & meatballs (Ferrero Rocher & jam, genius), sacher torte, apfel kuchen and many more.

But I’ll let you into a secret. I’ve really lost my appetite for eating cakes recently. I love making them but more often than not once they’ve been baked I pass them on to friends. I suppose I can’t complain I get paid to make, experiment , test and eat cakes for a living. The only cake I ate at the event was mine and Clare’s amazing  Mango & Coconut Cake with a clever secret ingredient. Hubs, who tasted 6 cakes at the last count, said he enjoyed every single piece he tried.

Thanks to Julia & Lewis for hosting the event. You can see a full set of photos here.

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