Raspberry Milkshake Cheesecake

As I teach cookery I’m often left with random ingredients in the house. After last week’s class of carrot cake with cheesecake icing I was left with a load of cream cheese. Hubs dislikes, no I mean hates, cream cheese unless it is hidden and he can’t taste it. This means most savoury dishes were out and just one simple sweet dish remained; Baked Cheesecake. During the summer cookery school I ran we made mini baked cheesecakes that went down really well and it meant I would be able to use ingredients I already had in the house.

  • Handful of digestive biscuits that Hubs hadn’t devoured – check.
  • Eggs – fresh from the neighbours honesty box.
  • Sugar – check.
  • Some sort of flavouring – ah, um.

When it came to flavouring I initially thought of Baileys then in amongst the bottles under the stairs I remembered I had an ingredient to hand that would be great at flavouring the cheesecake. Now I’ll let you into a secret. There is a brand of milkshake syrup that not only makes great milkshake but also works well as a flavouring in baking. Crusha is my guilty pleasure. It has a nostalgic taste and the raspberry one is my favourite. A chilled glass of milk with a generous glug of Crusha takes me back to being 8 and blowing through a straw to see how many bubbles I could get on the surface of my milkshake.

This is really one of the most simplest cheesecake recipes out there and can be flavoured with more or less anything you fancy. For a traditional replace the Crusha with 1 tsp vanilla and ½ tsp lemon juice. Like most cheesecakes these are cooked in a waterbath. This helps the cheesecakes cook slowly and evenly because water will only get as hot as 100°c no matter the heat of the oven.

Now the food blogger in me should know better than to test the best looking specimen fresh out of the oven. Thanks to some creative photography you can’t see the finger indentation in one of the cheesecakes.

Raspberry Milkshake Cheesecake
Makes 4 ramekins

100g digestive biscuits, crumbed

50g unsalted butter, melted

250g cream cheese

100g caster sugar

2 tsp raspberry milkshake syrup

2 eggs

1 tbsp seedless raspberry jam

1) Mix together the crumbled biscuits and melted butter until well combined. Press the mixture into 4 ramekins.

2) Beat together the cream cheese, sugar and flavouring then mix in the egg one at a time.

3) Pour the mixture into the ramekins.

4) Add a few drops of boiling water to the raspberry jam to give it a dropping consistency. Blob the jam on top of the cheesecake then draw a cocktail stick through the drops to give heart shapes.

5) Place the ramekins in a deep baking tin then fill the tin with boiling water until it is half the way up the ramekins.

6) Place in oven and bake at 180°c for 15-20 minutes. You want the cheesecakes to be set but have a slight wobble in the middle. Once they are cooked switch the oven off and leave the cheesecakes in the oven for an hour to cool down. This will help the cheesecake finish baking without cracking. After that hour remove from the oven, take out of the tin and allow to cool on the side. Once cool wrap in clingfilm and chill in the fridge for an hour before eating.

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