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Back in May I was asked to take part in top-secret mission. It meant I was going to work with an iconic British brand, spend some time researching a topic, write an article, develop a special recipe…and get paid for it. Fast forward a few months and Marks & Spencer have recently launched a social space called M&S Stories where customers can read about new ranges as well as insider tips & tricks. Now it has been launched I can say I was asked to be involved as a guest writer. First thing friends & family asked when they heard my news? Can you get me some free Percy Pigs? Ah, nope. I get first dibs.

Once I was on board with the project I approached M&S with a selection of blog topics and they chose edible flowers because it is a food trend at the moment and they started to sell edible flowers over the summer. I love edible flowers and have been growing and using them for the last couple of years. With the addition of submitting as recipe it gave me the challenge to use them in a slightly different way. I didn’t want to just sprinkle them in a salad or use them decoration, I wanted to impart the flavour into a cake and this is how the Lemon & Violet cakes came about. The last time I got so involved in a piece of writing was during my dissertation on the Predation Behaviour of the Common Centipede Lithobius forficatus (don’t ask, wasn’t my choice of topic). At least this time it was a subject that was close to my heart and while  it did involve some gardening it didn’t involve many a wet, cold day digging up insect traps then watch centipedes gruesomely eat their prey.

I really enjoyed writing my article and developing a recipe for edible flowers for Marks & Spencer. If things go well hopefully you will be reading other articles by me. Does this mean I can officially call myself a food writer now?

Foodie Flowers
Lemon & Violet Fairy Cakes

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