Pimms O’Clock

This weekend the summer eventually arrived and in true British style we celebrated by going to Summer Classics concert in Victoria Park Southport. The weather was perfect. Not only was my brother performing on stage we also saw performances from Natasha Marsh and The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. It was all finished with a fantastic fireworks display. Traditionally you take a picnic and I think some tables were trying to outdo each other. A few tables in front of us the men were wearing tuxedos, drinking from silver goblets and their picnic table had a candelabra. We also spotted another fancy table with a union jack cake covered in sparklers. It was great to see that people had really got into the fun of it. We’ve promised next year we’ll go all out with table cloths, candles and tuxedos.

It’s a great fun introduction to classical music and had a fab atmosphere. Lots of flag waving and during the Blue Danube Waltz, people (most of which looked like they had been drinking Pimms for a few hours!) were waltzing around the park.

Our picnic was made up of lots of different nibbles plus Pimms, wine & shloer. I also made Beth’s Raspberry & Pine nut Bars. I added a handful of coconut that needed using up. Everyone loved them and I’ll certainly be trying them again with maybe different fruits depending what is season.

If you ever get the chance to go to a Summer Proms concert I highly recommend it!

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