Ostrich Steak

After a roller coaster year in school I’m now on the 6 week summer holiday (one of the huge advantages of working in Education!). The children gave me lots of nice pressies and have helped to restock my wine rack. The end of term has left me exhausted and I’m totally lacking inspiration for food. Usually by Friday I have decided on the menu for the next week, but this week I’m totally stuck. I hate being uninspired.

On the hunt for a lightweight tent for trekking we went to Byrkley Park, which although is a garden centre has amongst other things a camping shop and deli. We didn’t end up getting the tent as they were out of stock, but we did pick up some ostrich steaks from the deli. Neither of us have eaten ostrich before, but were willing to give it a try. We decided to use Nilmandra’s method of cooking ostrich steaks and it worked really well. I was expecting it to taste more gamey like venison, but in reality it tasted more like very lean beef. If I didn’t know I was eating ostrich I would have assumed I was eating beef. I would eat it again and would like to try it in a burger format.

It could be some time before I post again if my inspiration takes a while to return!

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