Chocolate Caramel Nuggets

I’ve meaning to try these chocolate caramel nuggets for a while, but with seasonal baking, then the fact I gave biscuits up for lent I never got around to them until today. I originally came across the recipe on Cherrapeno’s blog, then I realised I have a the same Cookie & Biscuit Bible cookbook.

Like Nic, I found this particular cookbook in a book section of a gardening centre. It was the best £5 I’ve ever spent. It’s such a great cookbook, just a shame it’s now out of print. I wish I had picked up other copies at the time to give to friends.

I don’t have a food processor big enough to make these biscuits so did the first part of the recipe in my mini food processor then finished it off by hand. The eggs I was using were small so ended up using an additional small egg yolk and a splash of milk to get the dough to combine.

The result was a lovely, not too rich, biscuit with the texture and slight taste of shortbread. It was very much like an inside out Millionaire’s Shortbread. Perfect with a cuppa. One problem, they are very moreish. One just isn’t enough!

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