Make Eat Get Read Go – March 2019

Since January things have been chaotic. You know that feeling when you’re running on a treadmill that’s going a tad bit too fast, but you can’t get off. That. Big changes are afoot that should hopefully give a better life balance.

Make – Time for family

Manor House Chesterfield

March has seen three weekends away with friends and family. The beginning of the month was to Manor House near Chesterfield. A huge self-catering property that made the perfect venue for a weekend getaway.

L loved sharing a room with her cousin. There were more than enough bathrooms for all nine of us and it was a great to have a well equipped kitchen. The end of the weekend was finished with a flurry of snow.

It’s likely we’ll stay here again, most likely with friends in tow and a huge stash of wine.

Eat – Ottolengi’s Roast Chicken with Preserved Lemon

I was given Ottolengi – Simple for Christmas, but it’s only now I’ve got around to use it. I think the list of ingredients I didn’t already have in my cupboards was daunting.

At the back of Simple is a set of menus. We went for the spring menu of roast chicken with preserved lemon, new potatoes with a chilli, pea and coriander pesto and chopped salad with feta and tahini.

The chicken was delicious and the whole meal tasted even better the next day cold as a salad.

I now have a 3/4 full jar preserved lemons that I need to find inspiration for. I can’t be the only one who thinks they smell of kitchen cleaner.

Get – Eco

[AD – gifted] one item in this section was sent for review, the rest were purchased. Opinions are our own.

The last year has seen us use more reusable items in the house to reduce plastic waste. Some swaps have been simple, some not so much.

We swapped wet wipes a long time ago to reusable wipes. We always have a refillable water bottle on us plus a reusable coffee cup in the car for the essential post food shop coffee.

Our day trips put all the reusable to the test. New additions to our bottle collection is the 500ml Emma Bridgewater Chilly bottle I was given for Christmas and the perfectly sized 280ml ION8 Steel Vacuum Flask I was sent to review.

Both the thermal bottles have been put to test with not only hot drinks but also cold. They’ve passed the hot test for coffee and soup, then the cold test for milk for post-picnic mug of tea and ice cold squash for a hydration during a sweltering hot yoga session. They’ve also proved to be leakproof which is essential when you’re on a packed commuter train to London and you’re having to stash your bottle in your bag.

The biggest plastic swap I’m struggling with is cling film to wax wraps for appropriate foods. Hubs is not keen on them at all and the food safety head on me just doesn’t like the wax wraps. I’ll keep persevering though as we need to cut down on it. Do you use wax wraps? How do you find them?

Read – Freelance Mum by Annie Ridout

Our weekend away at the beginning of month was mostly spent reading Freelance Mum by Annie Ridout.

I’ve been self employed for 9 years, half of those pre-kids. My field of work has changed dramatically over those years and I’m fortunate that working freelance has allowed me to be flexible and also spend lots of time with L in her early years.

I enjoyed reading this book and although it’s aimed more at freelance newbies, I learnt new things and has helped me come to some major decisions about work.

I’ll be giving my copy away on Instagram soon so if you’d like it, keep an eye on my feed.

Go – Full Monty – The Play

At the end of last year my sister & I took Mum to see Calendar Girls – The Musical. Jokingly as we left the theatre we told Mum we’d take her to see Full Monty next and she enthusiastically agreed.

So on a mild March weekend in Liverpool we took my 70 year old mum to see ex- Hollyoaks/Corrie/Brookside cast get their kit off in the name of entertainment.

It was actually a heartwarming play, full of laughs and yes with a good dash swearing and naked flesh. Not giving any spoilers, but it’s clever how the play ends.

My mum’s verdict: the best Christmas present she’s had in a long time!

4 thoughts on “Make Eat Get Read Go – March 2019”

  • We have also used wax wraps, but alongside them I bought reusable sandwich wraps online. I think they’re called boc and roll, and my friends tell me they look like nappy bags 😂 You can wipe them clean after use, and put them in the washing machine. Perhaps they will be the solution you are looking for.

    • Jessica, thank you so much for the tip off. I’d completely forgotten about reusable sandwich wraps. Will certainly look in to them as a more viable alternative.

  • I do use wax wraps and have been cling film free for over a year. I love them. I also use plastic containers (already had them) and even just a plate on top of a bowl. Just bought more wax wraps here in Melbourne.

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