Little Baker Picks – December ’15


lb picks dec 15

Big changes have happened since last time I wrote one of these types of posts. LB is now running and climbing everywhere, eating us out of house and home (unless it’s broccoli) and loves anything that is edible and or outdoors.

Pop-in Coverall Bibs

Since weaning we’ve been using the brilliant bargain Aldi bibs but as LB is getting older they’re getting snug and she’s mastered pulling them off mid-meal. Close Pop-In bibs had been recommended to me and after only a few weeks of wearing and washing I’m already converted. I got them from the wonderful Babi Pur website. I challenge you to just buy the bibs from the site. They sell so many wonderful things for kids.

Little Helper Fun Pod

I first came across Fun Pods on My Daddy Cooks website. They allow a child to stand at worktop or table height safely. I usually pop LB in it when I’m prepping dinner. I’ll often give her some of the raw ingredients I’m cooking with along with some safe cookery equipment to play with. Yes they could stand on a chair like most us did when we were kids, but as LB seems to have no fear of heights something a tad bit safer was needed.  We bought ours on eBay and they have good resale value.

Lb baking pic

Penelope’s Pantry Sweet Potato Biscuits

I’m always looking for simple recipes to make with LB. She loves stirring mixes with a little chatter of “tur tur” or “row row” with a rolling pin. This recipe ticked the boxes with the additional bonus of it being egg free given LB has a current penchant of eating anything remotely food. In fact she pulled one of her first tantrums making these biscuits because I wouldn’t let her eat any more raw biscuit dough. That has to be a sign of a good recipe. We cheated a bit with the sweet potato biscuit recipe and used the mashing attachment on my stick blender plus swapped the coconut oil for a dairy-free spread left over from a recipe test.

Mini Club Puddle Suit 

Every little one who loves the outdoors needs a puddle suit. I’m a big fan of Boot’s Mini Club clothes. They are good value, wash and wear well, have funky prints and believe there are more colours than pastel pink for girls to wear. My favourite item has to be their pack-away puddle suits. Perfect for outdoor messy play and puddle jumping. You’ll often find them for half price at £8. Even at full price I think they’re a good deal. As the cold weather hits, she’s wearing it with the equally great Jojo Maman Bebe fleece trousers.



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