Little Baker Picks – April ’15

little baker picks April 15

It’s been a few months since I wrote one of these posts. A draft posts sat ready, but before I had time to edit and publish it LB had grown up and moved on to something else. So while I’m lucky enough that she has settled herself into a predictable nighttime sleep pattern (we won’t talk about daytime naps okay) it gives me a bit of time to blog and work. These four items have been popular with LB over the last month or two.

That’s Not My Books

I doubt there are very few littles ones who don’t own at least one That’s Not My book. We currently own two with two more borrowed from the library. LB loves to go through the pages finding the textured areas, though who has the That’s Not My Bunny book with the freaky-eyed rabbit?

The Gro Company Gro Anywhere Blind

I bought this travel blackout blind second-hand off a friend and we road tested it at the weekend while we were away. Like other Gro Company products it’s fabulous and I’d happily pay the full price for it. Of course it’s not going to fit bigger windows but it can be adjusted to fit smaller ones.

Tomy Eggs

These eggs have been popular with LB since she got them when 5 months old. She doesn’t match the shapes and colours yet but happily empties the box then bats the tops and bottoms along the wooden floor and under the settee.

Tommee Tippee Explora Magic Mat

This isn’t the holy grail of mats to stick plates/bowls to tray, but it’s the best one so far and LB hasn’t worked out how to get it off (yet). I feel I may have jinxed it now and tonight’s meatballs are going to end up strewn on the floor. Why on earth doesn’t anywhere sell suckers that stick to both bowl/plate and tray?

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