Little Baker Picks – November

LB nov 14

As Little Baker (LB) get closer to 4 months our old life is becoming a distant past. No time for new recipes or photography (unless it’s trying to catch LB smiling), and you certainly don’t want to see the state of the garden. Our life is now a whirlwind of mother and baby classes, reliable non-fuss dinners and bedtime routines. We’ve also decided that we really must stop celebrating her weekly birthdays and milestones with cake. Don’t worry though, weaning will start in January and that’s when the real fun and mess begins.

M&S dress

There is such a large choice of baby clothes out there but many places seem to think girls can only be dressed in pastel pink, with frills, emblazoned with slogan and a¬†cartoon character. While I appreciate some people are more than happy with this it just isn’t my cup of tea. There are more colours in the world than baby pink and I’ve been trying to introduce these¬†to LB’s wardrobe. M&S have some beautiful clothes for girls at the moment in their Indigo collection featuring bold colours and patterns. I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it especially the print featuring¬†little hedgehogs.

Wonder Weeks app

This app is a must for all parents. Yes the study it’s based on could just be a ruse to sell books to desperate parents but just like horoscopes, in that you can read something in all the signs that you recognise, this app can help soothe your soul when you’re having a bad day with baby. Consult the app and little one is probably having a growth spurt. Calm restored and you know it just means sitting it out (eating chocolate) and it’ll pass.

Lamaze tug and play knot

Lamaze do great baby toys. They are bright, tactile and covered in different textures. LB has this knot toy and it goes most places with her. Every time she plays with it she seems to discover something new or if it doubt she’ll just chew on the green star. She’s got some more Lamaze toys on her Christmas list.

Baby Sensory classes

I do various classes with LB and this is my¬†current¬†favourite, though running through a forest with a buggy is a close second. Yes I’ve turned in to one of those mums.

As the weeks go by it’s interesting watching her development. One week she’s not engaged, the next she is tracking objects with her eyes. If I could only do one class a week with LB it would be this. You soon get over the awkwardness of singing songs to your baby about suns and moons comIng out to play. My fondness of these classes may also be because it sometimes involves singing and dancing to S Club and messy play with food.

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