The Great British Bake Off

Cooking has seen a resurgence over the last couple of years and in turn this has led to the TV schedules being filled with programmes dedicated to food, in particular baking. My favourite of these has to be Great British Bake Off (GBBO). I love how it is accessible for all (many of my primary pupils love watching it) and while yes it sometimes makes out baking is harder than it really is GBBO has produced some bakers who have gone on to great things including Edd Kimber, Ruth Clemens & Holly Bell. I always have a little chortle to myself when I see them make things I’ve made before like the Brandy Snaps and Damien Hirst cake. Hats off to anyone who takes part, it’s certainly not something I could do. I’m not allowed to take part due to my business, but if I did I’d be the one in the corner crying and cursing over a soggy flan.


Like most things in life, there is now an app for it. For £2.99 you can get 50 recipes from series one and two. 15 of the recipes being from previous contestants and 35 from Mary & Paul. I was send a promo code so I could try the app out. As soon as I opened the app I was glad to see Melting Moments, something I’ve wanted to bake for a while. The recipe worked well for me and made rather delicious ice cream sandwich with the strawberry ice cream I made at the weekend. I’m not the biggest user of recipe/food apps because I find them a faff, but have found this app good for having great basic baking recipes to hand. When your phone is turned landscape the app is designed so it is meant to be touch free when using. I couldn’t get it to work this way, but I think the cover I have on my phone may have stopped this working.

As for my prediction as to who is going to win this series? James, unless he has an almighty baking fail in the next episode. Although keep your eye on John, Stuart and Sarah-Jane as I think they are dark horses and could pull something out of the bag.

Who do you think is going to win? Do you have a favourite recipe so far?


Thank you to ShinyRed for offering me the promo code for the GBBO app. Like usual, all words and opinions are my own. 


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