Get in the jubilee spirit

As with any national celebration it always brings out the best and often naffest commemorative ware, sometimes with the most tenuous link to the event. I very much believe it’s pointless bemoaning stuff like this and trying to fight it. If you can’t beat them join them. I make no apologies that in the next week this blog will feature some garish red, white & blue cakes.

Renshaw Great British Icing Pack (includes 4 x 200g packs – one red, one white and two blue) available now from Asda, Morrisons, Lakeland and Hobbycraft priced at £2.99. These icing packs are perfect for people who don’t decorate cakes often or are not confident colouring sugarpaste.

Singing in the Reign tea towel from the Great British stalwart John Lewis. Slogan quite appropriate given the weather we are experiencing at the moment.

Emma Bridgewater 1/2 pint mug – one problem with this mug is that it doesn’t come pint sized. Some days I could easily drink a pint of tea.

Jan Constantine hand embroidered street party cushion. – I like the design and needlework on this cushion and as any woman will tell you, you can never have too many fancy cushions.

Pieminister Lovely Jubilee Pie – a really rather delicious creamy coronation chicken pie by the lovely Pieminister. This is by far my favourite Pieminister pie and it’s a shame it’ll only be on sale for a short while.

Union Jack bunting no self-respecting British tea party is a party without bunting. I love this bunting that RexLondon kindly sent me. It is currently adorning the lounge and next week will be moved to one of the schools I work at for their Diamond Jubilee celebrations. I’m also coveting this birdcage glass cloche.

Jubilee Pop Top cake decorations – Naff, kitch and my anti-royalist father-in-law is getting these on cakes. This will accompany all the trashy royal memorabilia we have given him in the past.

M&S biscuit tin illustrated by Debbie Powell. – As mentioned in a previous post I’m a big fan of M&S biscuit tins and the designs they have brought out for this summer are fabulous.

Lyle’s Golden Syrupthis iconic packaging has been given a makeover for the Jubilee. I hoard golden syrup tins as once the glorious gold liquid has been used you are left with a practical tin. Our outhouse is full of them.

Have you seen any great Diamond Jubilee things for sale?

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