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If you haven’t heard of My Daddy Cooks it’s a fab blog that involves Nick and his gorgeous 4-year-old son Archie cooking in their little kitchen together. The blog started in November 2009 when Nick became a stay-at-home dad and both Nick & Archie began to cook, film and post them as a vlog. My favourite video is the Baked fish in a salt crust¬†for Archie’s reaction to the fish. What I love about the blog is that it is honest, realistic and the recipes really do work. ¬†In May 2011 the My Daddy Cooks cookbook was released in both hardback and Kindle format.

This isn’t necessarily a cookery book for children, it’s a book for busy parents who want to make family friendly meals and have children who want to help (or hinder!). As I’m yet a parent I wasn’t sure how this book would fit on my bookshelf so my trusty, brutally honest Little Helpers assisted with the review. Once I had a proper look at the book my sight reservedness of the book disappeared. It’s full of both sweet and¬†savoury¬†recipes, many of which will make great midweek meals, that are accessible to all by using easy to find ingredients and no specialist equipment; something that many cookbooks don’t do at the moment. I’ve already used the fantastic cheese muffin recipe in one of my cookery clubs and will be using the book in both my adult and children’s classes.

There is some really good recipes in My Daddy Cooks. The Sloppy Joes are an easy recipe but parents will need to help with the cooking bit. – Immy (11)

For a recipe to test with Immy & Cam I chose the Sloppy Joes as it would be something new to all of us and perfect for lunch with some vegetable sticks. We cheated with the onion & peppers by cutting them into small pieces in the food processor, but Immy & Cam prepped the pepper for the food processor.¬†Immy was highly complimentary about the bread rolls too, but I can’t put claim to them. The portions were very generous and it easily served 2 adults and 2 children. We’ll certainly be making it again. What¬†I didn’t know until we had finished our cookery session was that usually Immy & Cam don’t eat onions & pepper and they have requested to mum that they have Sloppy Joes again at home.

It’s really hot!!!!!! [Cam means heat rather than spicy] I did most of it. – Cam (7)

We all enjoyed cooking from this book and the next recipe I’m hoping to make is the no-bake chocolate tiffin cake. If you do or do not have a family and want to cook good, wholesome, easy to source food that everyone will enjoy I highly recommend this book.

Note Cam’s apron. He’s wearing a double sided apron. One side says ‘boys cook best’ the other side says ‘girls cook better’. During the morning while we making chocolate salami he proudly displayed the ‘boys cook best’ side. By lunch time he had swapped the apron and conceded¬†that ‘girls cook better’!

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