A little bit of recipe testing

Things have been very busy here in the kitchen recently with both recipe development & testing  for my business along with recipe testing for others. For my business recipes have been developed, refined and sometimes binned all in the eventual hope that my pupils will enjoy cooking them. Hubs and his workmates are very grateful at this time in the term when I’m bombarding them with various makes and bakes all in the name of recipe development.

Outside my business I have also tested a couple of recipe’s for Vanessa Kimbell who has her first book out, called Prepped!, at the end of May. Back in October I tested Chocolate Beef for her then last week Vanessa put a call out for someone with a glut of frozen rhubarb to help with the testing of a Rhubarb Tart recipe. We grow rhubarb in the garden and because I’m not a big fan of it, come on you can only eat so much rhubarb crumble, we had 1kg of frozen rhubarb waiting to be used. The sweet shortbread pastry with the tart rhubarb and delicious frangipan topping worked really well. The whole tart only lasted 2 days in the house and I’ll certainly be making it again. As for the recipe for this gorgeous Rhubarb tart, you’ll have to wait until Vanessa’s book is out later this year. If you know of anyone who needs any recipes tested you know who to call!

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