Fresh from the Oven – Pide

This month’s Fresh from the Oven challenge was hosted by Pei Lin and she chose the challenge to be Pide. Pide is not a bread I had heard of before but like always was keen to give it a go. It originates from Turkey and is used to break the fast after Ramadan.

I don’t know if it the heat we’re having at the moment here or the fact I never have much luck with recipes written in cups but I found the dough really hard to work with and I ended up adding quite a significant amount of flour to the dough to get it to be workable which in turn dried the dough out too much. Hubs said he like it and has been using it for sandwiches so it can’t be that bad!

I won’t give you the recipe I converted to as I don’t believe it is the best, but here is Pei Lin’s original recipe which seems to be far more successful than my conversion attempt. Apart from me mucking up the conversion the only alteration I made to the recipe was to top it with fennel seeds & nigella seeds instead of sesame seeds.

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  • Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Pei Lin mentioned having the same problem as you so I cut back on the amount of water I added but to be honest I could of added the whole lot and still had a workable dough to knead. I wonder what I did wrong seeing as you guys both seemed to have the same issues. Looks great though, love the addition of the fennel seeds.

  • It sounds interesting. I love bread making so am always up for something different. You say your dough was unworkable Was it too wet? Some bread doughs for flat breads are like that ie focaccia. A little tip. Oil your hands and the worktop. Stops the dough sticking to you and everything else. If you have a dough hook on a stand mixer it’s not so bad but kneading by hand you need to keep a little dish of oil next to you. Hope you don’t mind me saying x

    • I made it in my mixer and the dough was literally sloshing around the bowl. I kneaded a while hoping that it may come together, like some doughs do, but it just seemed to get worse. This is when I added the extra flour.

  • Hi Jules, I loved this bread but I do use cup measures and I also live in a very hot and humid environment. I know that can change dough. I made a whole wheat version, and whole wheat flour always needs more water, so perhaps that was just what this dough needed. Better luck next month, hopefully! ;)

  • Still looks great tho, and your photography is excellent. How do you get it clear and the front and blurry at the back?
    My doungh was incredibly sticky but I didn’t add more flour and just wet my hands: I also sort of guessed the conversions, as I mentioned as I found it hard to work with cups. But all look to have turned out well!

    • I’ll have to be honest I’m not sure how I do it. I use a Canon EOS 400D and the standard lens that came with it. I take quite a few pics so I have a lot to choose from.

      • Hello Merlotti and Jules, I managed to get those blurry pictures by using a low numbered f-stop, for example, 2 or 3. Then focus on one small part of the food and the rest of the shot will be out of focus. You can read more about depth of field (the depth of the picture that is in focus) around the web. It is now firmly one of my favourite hobbies!

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