Our Edible Garden – May ’10

Finally the frosts have gone, well I hope they have, and the garden is beginning to spring into life. The biggest success so far has to be the pea shoots. After seeing Alys Fowler plant them on Edible Garden I knew I had to have a go. I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of planting bog standard dried peas before. The gorgeous emerald butterfly shaped leaves have now become a regular in our salads as they taste so delicious.

It’s great to see my herb garden thrive after thinking the long winter may have killed it off. The reliable hardy mint is coming back with vengeance along with the thyme and oregano. New additions in the herb garden are flat parsley and borage plus the rosemary and chives are beginning to bear flowers. The flowers on the rosemary are so beautiful and delicate almost like mini orchids, a bonus that they are edible and will probably adorn a salad at the BBQ later on this evening. The chive flowers are also edible however I find the taste of them a tad bit intense. After eating a lonely chive flower last year the best way I can describe the taste is of strong onion water bursting in your mouth.

This year is going to be the battle of the birds and butterflies. As much as we like having wildlife in our garden it’s a pain when the nibble and trample they crops so Hubs fashioned an ingenious frame made from an old wooden clothes airer that had originally been thrown in the wood pile for burning. The trio of dunnocks are not impressed. Given they are meant to be shy birds they have spent a significant time bouncing up and down on it, trying to break it and once working out how to get underneath the netting. The netting is doing its job though and everything growing under it is doing well.

Newest addition to the garden, Hubs’ newest project, will be appearing in the next few weeks – a cold smoker that also doubles up as tandoor oven made of terracotta pots. Yep you heard that right. Some days I worry for the sanity of Hubs.

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  • Awh, your garden looks great Jules!

    I was out in mine before work this morning and I’m so proud of my babies thriving in the sun! I almost wept when I saw my first courgette flower!

    Your pea shoots have inspired me, they look so lovely, I must plant some myself :D

    Katie xox

  • Looking good.

    It’s just the best time of year for the garden isn’t it? I go out at least 3 times a day just to nose around and see how things are growing.

  • I have dried peas all ready to sow after seeing Nigel Slater do it. I love pea shoots. Do you sow them in pots or straight into the ground? Your garden is lovely and the plants so healthy.

  • Yum, all looking good!

    I have strawberries, raspberries and gooseberries coming up trumps, but everything else is struggling for some reason. Even my peas haven’t done anything :-(

  • Your Hubs should team up with my other half – he’s intent on building a wood burning oven in the garden. Which is fine – but he has still yet to build my greenhouse staging, a bigger rabbit run, or a new super king size bed (hah, as if).

    Also, my chives are looking fab. To be honest, most of the herbs in my smallest smallholding go unused, sadly. I need to change that this year. The flowering herbs are absolutely brilliant for wildlife – the bees seem to love my chive flowers, hyssop and borage especially.

  • !I was heartened to read your post – my newly planted herb bed is just starting to emerge – I have planted 3 types of mint – with the thought that if we have another major winter, at least that would survive – also have cutting flowers, and looked to describe it in my post about inspiration for a kitchen garden. http://bit.ly/a1TLmu. My hubs not practical at all (liked to think it but admits not in more sane, egoless moments – do you rent hubs out for creative projects? :) I will need to make a scarecrow soon, as rather fat wood pigeons eyeing my newly planted french beans I fancy! Thanks for inspiration

  • Jules – I think you may be Alys Fowler. I’ve got the pea shoots growing too for shoots only. I have several massive pigeons nesting in the trees and they just stomp/eat everything so sympathise with the dunnock situation

    I cried last year when the catapillars ate my purple sprouting broccoli .. but decided it’s going to be a good year !

    Keep the posts coming

  • I’m glad you’ve found pea shoots so easy. I planted two long rows – probably 40-50 plants, and only 5 have come up. My two rows of carrots have produced 1 seedling :(

    I do have the beginning of an EU onion and potato mountain on the way though…

    • If it makes you feel any better we are rubbish with potatoes. We just can’t get passed the 1 tiny potato the size of a pea stage.

  • Thanks for your lovely comment!

    I just found your blog as a result and love it. Your photos are amazing; I want to frame that last one and hang it in my room. Not even joking – beautiful!

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