Time for tea

I’m not ashamed to admit it, I don’t do earl grey, chamomile or any of the fruity tea bags. To me chamomile smells of a rabbit hutch and fruity tea never tastes as good as it smells. I’m more of a PG tips/Tetley type of woman with a splash of milk and no sugar; or if I’m feeling a bit fancy, a cup of refreshing rooibos. Saying that I do have a pack of blooming flower tea waiting to be immersed, but they look so pretty I don’t want to use them.

There is something therapeutic about the humble cuppa. A cup of tea can solve a multitude of problems. Last year when floodwaters were lapping at the doors along the row of cottages all of us neighbors still managed to drink tea…made on next door’s gas BBQ. We weren’t going to let a torrent of murky water stop the important institution that is tea.

I only really started to drink tea since I started work in education. Not only is it a refreshment it’s also has a social element. If you drink tea you belong to the hot drinker clique. It also has a role of warming me up. School is cold at the best of time, to put it frank I’m nesh. No matter how busy the day is we will always make time for a cuppa, even if we have to decant it into a spill proof cup to take into class.

I’ll be drinking a lot of tea over the next week as I’ve been offered an interview for the amazing job I applied for a few weeks back. I’ve got to do a presentation for my chosen lesson subject along with preparing resources so I may go quiet, yet again, for a week. There are some implications if I’m offered the post, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Well, back to the interview prep with a cuppa and Tunnocks caramel log for fuel.

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