Cookery Club – Part 2

We’re now a month into Cookery Club and it’s going v well. The Snow Days mucked one week up, but since my last update we have made pita bread, butter¬†and stained glass biscuits but with shortbread (uses less ingredients!). There have been a few hiccups and it’s a steep learning curve for me, but the main thing is both me and the children are still enjoying it. I suppose the photos above prove how much they are enjoying it.

The word has got around about my cookery club and they kids, bless them, are so proud of what they have achieved each week. I’m proud of them too. It’s been interesting to see which kids thrive in an cookery environment. Some of my best little chefs are the boys some of which can be difficult or disruptive in a normal classroom situation.

A few of the kids have approached me with recipes they want to try. One would like us to make cinder toffee, I’m a bit scared trying this with 14 children due to the boiling sugar, but may demonstrate it for them as it is a great chemical reaction to see. We have lots of exciting food projects planned for the next couple of weeks so watch this space!

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