Curry Monday – Chettinad Chicken

Tonights curry was Chettinad Chicken. I should have known from the outset it wasn’t going to work as well as I had hoped, it’s just been one of those days. As it was cooking I could tell there was something missing, it just looked so bland. I re-read and re-read the recipe again and I had included everything. Tastewise it was nice, but didn’t have the spicy kick and depth it was meant to have. Only after a google search I noticed that all other recipes for Chettinad Chicken featured tomatoes and a great deal more chilli, mine didn’t and may explain why it just didn’t look or taste 100% right.

I won’t include the recipe as in my eyes it isn’t right, so here are some links to some better sounding Chettinad Chicken.

Chettinad Pepper Chicken – Madhur Jaffrey
Chettinad Style Chicken Curry

Ah well, it still won’t put me off my Curry Monday challenge. I’m very much welcome to curry suggestions so feel free to leave me a message or email me.

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