Say “Hello” to Tikka and friends!

Every year at school, around this time, we have Living Eggs. This years batch were delivered on Monday afternoon and by Wednesday afternoon all had hatched. The kids have been obsessed with them, finding any excuse to go out and look at them. As they needed to be looked after over the weekend I offered to chicksit. They are now living in a brooder on our dining table.

They are now 4 days old and how much they have grown. Over the last day the adult feathers on the wings have appeared and they have started pecking. Hubby (who now thinks he is Hugh F-W!) is becoming very attached to them. They are very cute and very cheeky. Earlier one was sitting on top of the water dispenser and seeing how far they jump could across the brooder. If we had room I’m sure we would have chickens, but right now it’s just not possible.

On Friday the chicks will return to the company where they will become free-range chickens (I don’t know what happens to the male chicks) or responsible families will be able to take some chicks home. I’m not sure if the kids are associating the fact that these little chicks will grow up to provide us with eggs and meat. If asked the question “Where do eggs come from?” they would still reply “Tesco”!

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