Mother’s Day Feast & Kinder Bueno winner

Today is Mothering Sunday (or Mother’s Day) in the UK. Yesterday evening my sister, brother(who took the photos) and I managed to pull off quite a feast. As our mum is jetting of to New Zealand next week for a month, rather than going out for a meal on Mothering Sunday, (which is usually a guaranteed sign for having a terrible meal, poor service and longs waits for the meal) we decided to have a go at cooking a 3 course meal. With my sister doing the starter, me the main and brother making the pud, the kitchen was quite a scene.

As we live a 2 hour drive from my parents we decided to have the meal Saturday night meaning we could all drink and have a leisurely meal. Original intentions was for it to be a Welsh themed meal as we were eating on St Davids Day, but I’m not too confident with roast lamb, and we couldn’t think of a quick easy Welsh dessert. However sis did manage to get Welsh goats cheese into the starter.

Sis made Goat’s Cheese and Cranberry Parcels on a bed of leaves dressed with blackberry vinaigrette. They were delicious and I’ll certainly be making them at home.

For the main course Hubby and I cooked topside of longhorn beef with mustard crust from Quenby Hall, honey roasted parsnips, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puds, cauliflower cheese and purple sprouting broccoli. The smell of the beef cooking filled the house and mum commented on how good the beef was. It tasted like beef should taste. It was rarer than the photo shows. This was the first time I’ve cooked roast for 7 people and I must say myself we didn’t do too badly! Sis made the gravy as I just can’t make it.

For pudding my brother made strawberry gratin. We found the recipe in Sarah Raven’s Garden Cookbook. It was really easy to make and delicious. It tasted a bit like cheesecake with a creme brulee sugar topping.

I was a really enjoyable evening and it was all washed down with various liquor coffees and Hotel Chocolat truffles. It was far better (and cheaper) than any meal we could have had if we had gone out for Mother’s Day lunch.

Congratulations to Barbara Ghezzi from Suffolk who won a years supply of Kinder Bueno. The prize should be with you by the end of the week.

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