Crispy Cod & Posh Peas

My quest to introduce fish into my diet continues. Last month was salmon and this month is cod. The only time I’ve had cod before is from a fish & chip shop. I would try and eat fish more, but there is a distinct lack of fishmongers where I live and the farm shop only sells fish once a month and I’m yet to brave tinned tuna etc…

I coated the fish in my new best friend – polenta. I gives the fish a lovely crispy coating. Hubby made his delicious Heston Inspired Chips to accompany the fish, peas and big wedge of lemon. I love peas at the best of times, but slightly pulsing the pea 1) made them easier to eat as they didn’t roll off! 2) intensified the pea taste. We’ll certainly be coming back to this dish. Next time I would like to try it with either hake or haddock.

Crispy Cod
Serves 2

2 cod skinned fillets totalling around 340g
100g polenta
1 tbsp garam masala
juice and rind of 1 lemon
2 spring onions finely sliced
rapeseed oil

1)Mix polenta, garam masala, lemon and spring onions. Smother each fillet with a small amount of oil. Press each fillet into the polenta mix until evenly coated.

2)Heat a small amount of oil in frying/saute pan on a medium heat. Cook fish for around 3 min each side until golden. Drain fish on some kitchen paper before serving.

Posh Peas

1.5 cups of frozen peas
1 tsp mint
1 tbsp creme fraiche (optional – just makes them slightly more creamy)

1) Cook peas in boiling water, drain, add mint then blitz with stick blender or processor until you have a thick, coarse paste. Stir in creme fraiche.

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