Merry Christmas

Although hubby & I have been together for over 6 years, this was the first Christmas Day as a married couple and that we had spent together. Breakfast was some croissants and Schloer Bucks Fizz. I was warned not to eat much for breakfast as I would be eating lots in the next 48 hours!

We spent Christmas Day at Hubbie’sAunts house who put on possibly the biggest Christmas spread I have ever seen. Essentially the whole day was taken up with eating something delicious!

Prawn parcels wrapped in smoked salmon
Stilton & Broccoli Soup
Lamb, pork and cockerel with roasties, mash, red cabbage, sprouts, pigs in blankets, stuffing and carrots.
Christmas Pudding with brandy cream. Served with a glass of beautiful dessert wine (but I’ve forgotten the name of it)

Later on we delved into:
*mini fish & chips
*mini cheeseburgers
*mini steak sandwiches (as seen on the M&S adverts)
* and lots of other mini things!,

On Boxing Day we spent it at my parents where we ate another delicious, but different Christmas Dinner. Also at my parents we eventually got to taste my Guinness Christmas Pudding. It was absolutely delicious and everyone commented on how light and tasty it was. You could certainly taste the Guinness when you bit into the fruit. I’ll most likely be making it again next year.

Santa brought me some great things for the kitchen including salt & pepper piglets and a silicone baking set. I can’t wait to use them.

I hope everyone has had a great Christmas break.

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