A Kind of Bubble & Squeak

I’m more or less back to my foodie self and itching to get back in the kitchen. My appetite is a bit further behind, but I’m getting there. Tonight’s tea was a kind of bubble & squeak, it was just the kind of thing I fancied. I did toy with the idea of making it non-veggie for hubby by adding bacon, but decided I have to keep up with the 1 veggie meal a week to prove to him veggie food can be just as good. We had it was salad and crusty white bread. I really enjoyed it and the cauliflower helped give it texture.

Tomorrow I’m making biscuits and decorating them with the kids in school as part of maths. Think weighing, working out quantities etc… It has the potential to go great or horribly wrong, and this will probably happen when the inspector is watching!

A kind of bubble & squeak
Serves 2

400g potatoes
200g sprouts
6 spring onions, slices
leftover cauliflower
2 knobs of butter

1) Peal and boil potatoes for 10 min then bash to break the potatoes up slightly. Boil cauliflower and sprouts for 4 minutes.

2) Lightly shred sprouts (I pulsed them for a couple of seconds in the blender) then mix all the ingredients together. Fry all ingredients until it is beginning to brown.

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